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Here a two new dungeons from the new update in Order & Chaos online.


1) Metal Ziggurat.

Metal Ziggurat is located in the area of Khalin’s ruins and is miles long in the Under Realm. When it happened that Forlorn relocated himself into this region, they dug tunnels to place their new homes. It is their tradition to dig tunnels and caves.
When the tunnel was transformed into a cave, they found the Ziggurat before them.
Now, the Metal Ziggurat is a hazardous place filled with dangerous mechanical creatures, preparing to tear anyone into parts.

2) Abyss of Limitless Gears

This dungeon will tell something about the Shadow Adherents.
Deep in the abyss, the Shadow Adherents (better known as Dark Elves) have triggered the mechanical creatures.
In the abyss, the Dark Elves are plotting a plan, triggering evermore mechanical monsters and waiting for their demon lords to arrive, ultimately they’ll turn the world into a burning inferno.
Illystin, the Queen of the Dark Elves, is not realizing that she is leading her people and herself into certain death. She is far too busy activating the mechanical creatures, not feeling the danger around the abyss. After that batch of mechanical creatures, the abyss is filled with energy, and the final boss wakes up.
The mechanical origin is the god of all creatures mechanical. It has been locked because of its immense might.

B) New changes.

– Underworld has two new dungeons to play on! (Metal Ziggurat and Abyss of Limitless Gears)

– 2nd Anniversary Events!

– Full UI retake!

– There will be a new system to make pre dungeon teaming up easier!

– New items! Also, there is a new Tier 3 PvE Gear!

– Turkish Language support.

  • chul

    the important thing is what the exactly time of this update

  • 10011010


  • DawnToDusk

    My question is, will it be iOS 7 capable?

    • tobin


  • Sddsdsfsfagxv

    WTF?????? It’s June 29 amd there’s no update for ios!!?!!?!?!?!?

  • UnbrokN

    Will they fix so DPS Warriors do more DPS than their brother Mr Tank?… Stupid atm..

    • Kazuyaa


    • Pryto

      DPS warriors do more DPS than tanks. Tanks are more well equipped for survivability, thus making them harder to kill. In turn, strategy is the key. DPS means damage per second, right? So I’d like to see a tank with higher AP(attack power) than a battle warrior. Battle warriors have more spells to distribute more DPS. Talent trees for battle warriors are the key component though. Broken tree=broken warrior. Place 35 in battle and 2 in guard. Do not get sonic slash or brutal impulsion. Also, do not spec into bloodletting. The two points in guard need to be placed in vigor for increased healing effects since battle warriors are squishy compared to their counterparts….tanks/guard. I’m not saying this is the key to all battle warriors. If you suck at playing then you suck at playing. Warriors are very hard to play because of morale management! Warriors always have to be quick and very fast with their spells and TIMING!!! No down time in duels or arenas. U better always be pressing something or you are failing…

      • Pryto

        I forgot to say duel wield! Do not use two handers, if you miss, get parried, dodged, or blocked, u have to wait a lot longer to hit them again while they are smacking you in the face or running away….if duel wielding, then main hand AND off hand perks from battle come into play making you have A LOT more DPS.

        • UnbrokN

          Sweet, thanks for that :) you say id better always press stuff (as in spells) but i only use 2 spells ish.. Wish spells am i supposed to use? :)

  • Mr Tank

    Lameloft just keep trucking along and fckn everything up!!!!!!

  • Slayerwaldo

    Is tc down I can’t log in great customer support gameloft with ur reinbursments for all the server problems

  • Jay Hasija

    The game server is down??? When the heck will it b up!! Please need a definite date

  • Priam

    My game keeps crashing after every time i send a msg I’ve been playing for a long time and this is the first time this has happened any clues?

  • Genova_IV

    Yay! Finally turkish :)

  • biscuit

    Will you please remove stun lock from sins… Why would u make one class unbeatable by any other class?

  • Dark-Mind

    2.1.0 update is out !!

  • Yruka

    Cant login after update :@ gameloft fix you servers goddamnit

  • Jeff


  • Chasemanify

    Hurry up with your maintenance! Is says quick but not quick to me! If you people would no how to run this game right I bet it be in the top 25 in App Store… Hurry up with maintenance so we all can log on. -.-

  • That guy 8264

    They’re in france so its late for them probably, so im sure they’re going as fast as they can… Maybe they just need more staff, mods, or admins to help.

  • Kazuyaa the king of sin

    To everyone, infinite stun isn’t a glitch because it don’t infinite.

    Let me educate you

    -you will run out of vigor
    -if your dagger stab misses = no stun = sin fucked

    Plus it’s a gear mastery just like when monk are getting their asses kicked and then suddenly they disappear like they have disconnected so if you want stun mastery to be removed, they should also remove monk’s mastery as well

    • Kazuyaa the king of sins

      It is not infinite*
      Inb4 grammar nazis

  • Dan

    Cant log in with facebook it says it has an error connecting to the social media network can this be fixed please :)

  • Xeko

    I cant even download anything. It gets 3/4 done and then says unable to download app. wth is happening!

  • Onyxdude

    My game won’t update an I have a lot of storage space

  • kodakhrome

    i download the update but cant connect to the server… you too guys?