After weeks of wondering about why the Order and Chaos Online servers were so slow/not available at all we finally have an answer. It turns out that the outages are coming from a series of denial of service attacks (DDoS) directed towards Gamelofts servers. No player data has been lost, but it certainly helps us understand why things were so sketchy over the last month. The quote about the issue from Sarah on the Gameloft forums is below.

“Over the last three weeks, Order & Chaos Online servers have been under numerous DDoS attacks. These attacks have impaired Gameloft Online services and features linked to Order & Chaos Online, and generated high instability in the game.

Our sincerest gratitude is with you for raising this issue many times, on our forums and different social networks. You reported being unable to access the Order & Chaos login servers, connecting to the game, or generally playing under normal conditions. This has proven a great help in identifying where the issue came from.

Rest assured that no player data is involved for now. If you happen to see an empty character list, it is becaus you have logged in when a service is down. As such, we understand and share your frustration. All our teams are working hard on minimizing the impact of these attacks, and on returning to normal gaming conditions as soon as possible.

Also, please do not heed any rumour about a hypothetical end of support for Order & Chaos Online. We are as dedicated as always in providing you with additional content and improving your game experience. A new update will be coming on iOS and Android in the weeks to come, so stay tuned.

Thanks for your support and dedication to our game.”

  • XiX_GaGo_Ka

    All the people who thought that the issues were Gameloft’s fault are now speechless, so many people didn’t want to believe me that it was a DDoS, lol. Also, I think Heroes of Order & Chaos is now being DDoSed because every 2 minutes there is a lag spike. I even talked to several people in-game, its not just me, it’s everyone. Maybe since they can’t DDoS OAC they are now DDoSing HOC.

  • anonymous

    so i now too have the connection problem. and i tried and tried and tried until i finally got to character selection and when i pressed play. i got “error character already online” the damn bots are taking our accounts to do their dirty shit with. and i doublt we’ll get them back.

  • hi

    No bots are taking over our accounts…. that’s crazy talk lol. Its a ddos attack….. duh…..

  • Server god

    You were attacked on May and now you are being attacked again? Their servers been down consistently again. Heroes of order and chaos game has constant server issues on and off. If gameloft is a country, don’t you think you are constantly being attacked? And why are you bring constantly attacked?

    Blizzard had problems too during first month or 2 of release but after that it’s almost fine and dandy. My only concern is gameloft doesn’t care much about servers as blizzard does. And don’t say lack of experience. From heroes till duels, you have 2 years already. And why gameloft still release duels even if they have server issues? To suck more money.. And then under constant attack as they claimed.