Order & Chaos Online Update

Last weeks all players of Order & Chaos Online are asking “When will iOS update be released?”. From Gameloft we can’t hear anything, but we have some of our sources and they told us that the game may not be released before April 15.

We were just wondering why they haven’t released the game before the hollidays? A lot of people would love to play this game in the hollidays and weekend. Also, probably everyone, and us too, is asking why then Gameloft has announced that that update will come in next days? Our source think that is because two reason.

First, and main, reason is that Gameloft constantly has technical issues. When their developers fix one, short after that another is coming. We commend Gameloft for their desire that game is without bugs, but hey Gameloft guy’s, we got used to them. Give us a game to enjoy in it, so we will forgive the occasional bugs. Or you shouldn’t announce Order & Chaos Online new update! Next time you be sure that the new update is working, we don’t ask for “marketing traps” months before the real release date.

Second reason, according to our insider, is that they made the wrong decision. No one in the game industry won’t release two games or a new game and big update in the same dates. Simply, this is not the right decision in any business. Yes, we know that the Order & Chaos Duels is very similar to the main game, and that many people do not see it as a separate game, but the fact is that it is. Releasing two reasonably similar niche games shortly after each other is very bad for their sales. That is marketing law!!

 What is the solution? We see three possibilities. We advise Gameloft that they change something in their developer or marketing departments, because it is obvious that both (or maybe just one) department don’t do their jobs on high level. The game has a lot of bugs – sorry developers, but that is fact. The marketing department has made the decision to announce a BIG game update without rock stable promise from developers – sorry guys but marketing doesn’t work that way!

Third solution is that Gameloft invest more money in their technique, but also in their employees.

We don’t know who is guilty and we don’t wish to accuse anyone, but Gameloft receives punches with everyday that Order & Chaos Online iOS update is postponed.

If they improved significantly after the release date, we would forgive them all.

  • rob

    excact, a month ago they said that the update will come in the next few days
    and we are still waiting for that update…
    i stopped playing cause of the update, cause all my t2 gear will be useless.
    now the rumors are that the uppdate will come in August…
    I just dont know what to do anymore in the game :s

  • Bay

    Holy shjt gameloft!

  • SerSka666

    August will be a great month for it to come out (::: please on augustt!!!

    • Rob

      No thx…
      They better release it soon
      Cause i dont think much people will buy that much runes now

  • Atomsplitter


  • 99

    FAIL GL!!!! Man why would they announce the update before it is ready. Only people they are really hurting is themselves. No one buying runes except maybe to get tabs. And wtf is going on with the forum been down for weeks?? I guess they took it down so they didn’t have to see everyone flame.

  • Evan Lannan

    Listen damnit!!! If people are going to complain all the time, saying they suck and can’t do anything right, your just making them second guess everything they try! Give them a friggin break! They are a new company, thats what, like 5 maybe 7 years old? They are busting ass to try and build their company up! And the lack of response is probably due to the fact they are worried sick that all their customers hate their shit and are doing everything they can to help you guys be happy! The fact of the matter is that you can’t program and blog at the same time. Why would a developer spend time answering all of your infantile bitching questions….????? That’s a trump card for all you tool boxes.

    • Britt Lee.

      And you just ruined their hopes that 100% of their customers were high quality, educated folks by going on that tyrade.

  • http://www.facebook.com/nathaniel.bryan.16 Nathaniel Bryan

    You have this thing called “trading camp” that “trades lots of good gear for player” an I want to know exactly what that means, please explain? examples: trade gear for new currency?, just buy gear with new currency?, bound gear, or only unbound?, or gear swap with equivalent of other class? Because working towards t2 is pointless right now, I want to prepare for this, should I be able too.

  • Helen

    where did u find information about August release?

  • DAnny


  • fooligans

    Help can’t login and can’t update, please advise

  • fooligans

    I have a kindle fire HD 7.2 inch, and my server or whatever it is called is Amazon, I sent in a report at customer care about 10 hours ago an haven’t gotten a response. I even tried uninstalling and reinstalling an that worked, and I might have just lost all my player data because of that, and i was a level 60 :(. Please help/advise me, and other players (unless it’s not me), so we can login in!!! (And so you can keep getting revenue).Thanks in advance.

  • fooligans

    Someone…Anyone…please help, can’t log in, can’t update, can only “open” in the Appstore…I have a kindle fire HD, Amazon is my Appstore server, and if you want to tell me your in game username and you are helpful I will tank for you in dungeons…please, just help this person in need.