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Order and Chaos Duels – tips & tricks

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Main aim in Order and Chaos Duels is to reduce the health points on the Hero card of your opponent’s to zero. You can see opponent’s card on the left-hand side of screen of your device. If the opponent do that to you – you will lose the game. So, by positioning your cards on the playfield pretty soon the whole field will be covered with battles.

There are various ways of causing damages to your opponents health, but the initially effective and most common is through the use of Minions.


Order and Chaos Duels - card deckMinions are character cards that you can place on any of the five places on your side of the Duels area. They will be there until your opponent destroy them, and then they will be removed from the game and discarded.
To call a Minion, you will need the exact amount of energy. You can see your amount of energy on the right side of the screen  (the blue number on the card) and the energy will be refilled in every turn. By sacrificing your card, once per turn, you can extend energy maximum capacity. You will see how maximum amount of energy increase, when you drag and drop a card that you want  to sacrifice into the discard pile. We suggest that you sacrifice card per turn (at least one), because always is useful to have more energy in battle.

If a card is unopposed in your rival’s attack phase, he will strike your Hero instead and because that it is important that you be playing plenty of cards.

Hero abilities

To give them the winning edge, players will need to use their Hero abilities and spells, as well as take advantage of the status effects most cards in their deck will come with.

Because this player should know how their cards behave and that is very important for their strategy in battles. When player have selected the character in Order and Chaos Duels at the main menu, the option to edit players deck pops up.

Players should spend some time editing and tweaking their deck here. Also, they may read the descriptions they see when they tap on the cards for a closer look.

Gnoll Mage

Order & Chaos - Gnoll MageFor example, we take one card to understand what that effect does.

Gnoll Mage is a Minion that requires 3 energy to be called. He has 7 health points and can deal out 5 points of damage. Gnoll Mage stats are average, but if you read his description, you will noted that its special ability is to Stun the opposing creature should its Attack be 7 or higher. So, you should use Gnoll Mage always against the heavier hitters. While they are stunned  you will get in a few attacks of your own. If an opponent card has high damage abilities but low health, he should be your first choice.

Players should know majority of this stuff for their card and seeking to remember them. Same thing is for their spells.

Order and Chaos Duels – General Tips

The most of the first major island in the game, players should make it through relatively easily. But, in the end, they will begin to face growing demands.

This is time when they need to take online fights and to start winning the battles for more money. Money can be spend on improving your ranking, more cards, learning new tricks and completing Missions.

It is impossible to formulate one strategy every single occasion in this game, so players should keep experimenting, especially when they unlock a new type of card.

One general tip is to minimise the number of cards left opposing you at all times, unless the card on the battlefield has been significantly weighted by status that changes during the game. By doing so, player ensure that there are just a few attackers deducting health points from his hero.
But, sometimes it is useful to have fewer than more cards. With that, players actually has more chance of picking a powerful card. Also, maybe he get some useful cards combination.

If they are serious about Order & Chaos Duels, players should sign in every day, for the free trick.

If you have any tips or tricks to share, please let us know by leaving them in the comments. Share them with the rest of the Order & Chaos community.

  • Gandalf

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  • anonymous

    how can i delete a hero?

  • Omid

    Yeh, i wonder that too, how do u delete a hero if u managed to pick a wrong one you dont like?

  • Francis

    How can I delete a hero? Come on creators, you have to add a delete hero option. If anyone knows how please tell me. I even tried deleting the app and reinstalling it but it doesn’t work

    • deleting your data for the game on the phone, but this DELETES ALL heros.

    • AngryBird

      me too. I just started the game, picked a hero at random to test it out. 5 minutes later I wanted to delete it and change to another but I cannot. What a load of crap. I will not play this game with a hero that I don’t want. I WILL NOT PLAY!!! Therefore no chance of me spending money in game. Think about it you douchebag developers! Let me delete my hero and start over from scratch

  • cherry pie

    how can I delete a hero? Lol! Oversight much?

  • KiwiFjord

    No need to delete a hero, you can just buy a new one. Click home and scroll to the right. Get each one to level 15 for a free legendary card pack.

  • Maxwell

    Elf Mage Hero needs serious nerfing. His Unleash is totally pathetic compared to other heroes. It only stuns one Minion every 3 turns and CRIPPLES YOUR HERO. =S Almost all other Heroes of every race confers direct damage or other buffs for your team without any disadvantage to the Hero. To stun one enemy minion in 3 turns is WEAK considering every other race can already do that with a card effect for just 2 mana without crippling their hero on top.

    I’ve been consistently destroyed by Undead / Orcs just nuking the crap out of my deck every few turns; and it’s hard enough that people have ridiculously overpowered decks playing legendary/epic minions every turn without the added disadvantage of having a Hero unleash that does pretty much nothing useful to influence the outcome to a tactical advantage. Stunning one opponent is too weak to need to balance with an added debuff. They should remove the cripple, and add damage to neighboring minions or other debuffs to neighboring enemy minions to make it a more balanced unleash, at least beginning to be comparable to all the other unleashes.

    • oxonian

      I chose elf mage as my first hero. I’ve found the stun very powerful. I’m nearing the end of the campaign and have also had success both in the “pillage” and the genuine player-versus-player. So far I have not spent any cash on the game.
      Actually I recently thought to myself “hmmm glad I chose this guy, nice ability”.

  • recommendthat

    i cant delete a account either

    check out recommendthat.blogspot.co.uk for more info

  • Kenji

    Any one knows how to trade cards to friends?

  • oxonian

    To all those asking about deleting heroes — just get a new hero slot, there is NO benefit to deleting. Think of the process as unlocking the ability to use a hero — why would you want to delete that??

  • RonHo

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