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Few days ago Gameloft finally update Order and Chaos Online. Maybe this update is the most anticipated update ever, but it may also be the most disputable update ever. It appears to be like part II of the Mendels Rising update. When players start the game after this update, first that they see is the Mendels Rising promo art, along with the update title in the corner. Also, the app icon is still a Mendel, although now hero looks somewhat angry.

We must be honest, update bring so much changes, so many tweaks to the way things used to be. Changes that everyone expected are two new regions and ten new levels. However, developers has changed how everything works. For example, business skills have gotten a big overhaul. This is maybe a good, since the last system was not so good, but next days will show is the new system really better or not.

First of changes that players will face when they log in is the revamped Talent tree, along with reset points. Players will quickly notice that it look different. Players have only 29 points to spend and some of them also have new names. It sems that developers complete overhaul the Talent system in this update. Each Talent tree begins with a Mastery that affects the other skills in the tree. Don’t take that Talent Mastery and your Talents in that tree will not be as powerful … but, you can only choose one of the two Talent Mastery options, making hybrid builds more difficult?! And there are fewer talents per tree overall.

Player opinions is divided about this change. Some players say that individual Talents are now more powerful, making up for the points reduction, while other complains the loss of things like Fire Barrage.

We should wait for some more days or weeks, because now every opinion is ONLY opinion. Most of complains are just the subjective players experience of the first few days after changes.

We should wait to see if Gameloft will “retain” this update, that extended the Order and Chaos Online not by increasing the power curve, but stretching it out over a longer leveling sequence. If they take this update as the basis for a next updates, then it’s a level cap raise but not a power level raise. Still, there are new levels of content for players, some new epic items to find, and some more things that players should discover.

Stay update with new Order and Chaos Online Update…

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  • Useless

    Lvl 70 reached with 2 chars and now ? Pvp is useless cause assa totally overpowered. Atm for the Most Player the Game is boring. And i know a few Player Quit Gaming allready. Gameloft have to do something!

  • Observer’s Market

    Satisfied? No.
    A visit to the beautysaloon made me loose:
    All my mounts
    All my ride permits
    All my leather foundry (gone)

    I contacted the support about this and now a week later I still havent recieved any help or useful information. I ran around the map lvling to 70. Boring and slow!

    And hitting lv 70 was useless. I was rushing to reach it. What can I do as lv 70? Collect gears and no essence? (Wouldnt even be able craft essence if i chould find fragments bc my foundry is gone).

    And since Arena Tablets isnt avalible to buy u are stuck chatting.


  • jojo

    When is this update coming out for android

  • HLrulez

    Guys, i have a big issue,but.. BTW… OBSERVER’S MARKET…. i saw the mounts disappearing….it was obvious,, u cant chat the game and not pay for the permits,but i dunno why all your permits disappeared… i fell sorry for you. Well, my issue is level 520 in leather… it says need to learn Legendary Leather(rank 5), which the Mendel doesn’t sell. Nobody knows what is it. i purchased the next courses available after level 520, and won’t let me learn them(need Legendary leather rank 5). I don’t know if is an error of the game or something i am making wrong!Nobody knows what to tell me because they are just buying the tablets to skip the 100 levels… but i am not paying for it, so please.. HELP ME!

  • HLrulez

    Cheat* instead of chat.

  • Sorena

    Pls fix crafting issue

  • HLrulez

    Guys, if you pay attention to my previous comments in this article and the QnA article… you must know i am desperate! pls help me with my problem… just an advice or recommendation. I am 520 leather, i bought all the courses that the new crafting seller (the Mendel) offers me. I can’t learn them because it says i need to learn ‘Legendary Leather (rank 5)’. The Mendel doesn’t sell it… ummm my guess is that is the new legendary crafting(that i already learned, i am already 520) and is bugged. So pls tell me if is my fault of being a Dumbass or that is indeed bugged, PLS guys.. I need your help.

  • HLrulez

    i learned the first 2 courses of the legendary crafting, that’s why i go from 500 to 520, i dunno what is the problem now!

  • HLrulez

    OMG JOJO, nobody fucking knows when is the update for android, we are not gameloft, if we were gameloft we would have 9999999999999999999 runes! and nobody fucking plays in android, lol

    • Elite

      there are a ton of people playing android and more everyday, you know why? We don’t have ur shitty update

      • HLrulez

        well dude … if it is so shitty… why always people ask when is comming out? lol and you are telling me that people would buy an android just to create a new character and play in the old update…. knowing that they will update soon… you are funny! and you just replied to me because i sounded like a dick, i am, i am a dick that can formulate a logic statement. so if you cant fight a statement with logic, i recommend you to shut the fuck up and let someone else be the smart and brave guy that can shut me up!

        • Christopher Williamson

          Certainly, I’m more than happy to take you up on that kind offer!

          Essentially it seems to me that while this update is broken on your platform we have ‘server sync’ issues which are far worse than anything this update can do to us. What is not very useful, however, is your immature attitude and complete inability to form a sentence correctly. I can not advise highly enough against attempting to establish yourself as a logical genius when you have a complete inability to use the English language correctly.

          Job done I feel. Now if I could just get Gameloft to get this game fixed it’ll be happy days. 🙂

        • serialOC

          Your an iFag… Your beloved device has a slower processor, less ram, no expandable memory, weaker graphics and the only reason it gets more support is the cookie cutter os, all apple device are exactly the same so its easier to write code for… Oh and you paid to much for it. Don’t bash what you don’t know.


    Ok, REALLY?! Ya, rangers got it good and are totally super O.P, but you guys messed with warriors morale gain boost so it takes forever to build up to attack unless your dual wielding swords or axes, monks cant buff anymore, and mages have no barrage… STOP MESSING WITH OUR SPECS!!! YOU JUST MAKE THINGS BAD!!!

  • Matthew

    Salvation is in new update, need new flying mounts or water mounts, like dragons and better pvp!

  • I did not notice any change in talents. There is still a 40-point tree. Android here.

  • jay

    worse update ever!

  • lina

    so many players quiting 🙁

  • Hi spaniard_elite here and i have this game through itunes……. this game is awsome but you have many things to work out…..first and most inportant is the crash…..fix that imediately….second is the lottery…..i spent over 8,000 coins in hopes to get the charecter and instead i have received nothing but over 300 revive tokens. If this is what we are being recieved you need to take off the limit on how many tokens a player may use…….and Finally at last. add more guild ranks to the game to add interest….for example from highest to lowest…. Commander (leader abilities)> Senior officer ( Officer rank abilities)> Fleet Officer( ability to make guild battles)> Member……this is what you are missing and why people are quiting……give us a chance to enjoy this game becuase it is awsome

  • CandyApple

    This update is becoming the most disliked of all. The constant pvp in 70 daily modes is beyond annoying. The boss fights require co cooperating…..instead there is friction and blackmail. Healing is withheld, along with guild wars etc. we just want to get our quests done and get the bosses done and get our essences. Why did you do this gameloft????? More and more players are saying how they hate this and want to find a new game to play. Why can’t u make it so pvp can be turned on and off. Why must we all be subjected to mean nasty players ?!!!!!
    We can adjust to the rest, but we are getting very tired of all this mess that goes on constantly……add that to not being able to get on most of the time. Doesn’t sit well.
    Our talents were messed with brutally……Mage had no power any more at all.heals have no mana! We need healers, yet you have crippled them. Pray only lasts half the time, and mana runs out after a few ring heals. So many are going milli….so who’s gona heal now?

  • They should add ranger pets that attack enemy’s