Q&A Update Order and Chaos Online

In this post we bring you content that will remind you what this new update brings. You have the Q&A section in the lower part of page, where your questions answered by experts from Gameloft.

A) Lore.

Under Realm

The Under Realm is a region of shadow and deceit, where secrets are better left unsaid and what little hope that remains lingers like a flickering candle on the verge of going out. The ruthless Dark Elves wage war to reassert their dominance against a new enemy, the Frostlings. Meanwhile, the combatants are oblivious to the real dangers lurking in the darkness — a supernatural plague that turns its victims into mindless fiends. Only the peaceful Mendels heed the warning signs, but their soft, stuttering voices are lost in the din of battle. Thus with each passing day, the fate of the Under Realm grows bleaker; the shadows lengthen, the chill grows colder, and the flame threatens to gutter out.


At the end of the tunnel lies the gleaming white of Frostlund, where the sun reflects a blinding light across the tundra and massive ice floes drift through the frigid waters surrounding the vast glacier. Despite the challenges, the hardy Frostlings call this land home. But now, the place they call home is being threatened.

Ripped from planes unknown, demonic invaders beset the land in a fury of fire and steel. The Frostling tribes, unprepared and isolated, must flee before them into the Under Realm; all the while, a desperate defense tries to halt the tide, ignorant of the importance of their fight. All of Haradon hangs in the balance as an ancient magic stirs and conflict shatters the land, unearthing the very roots of the world. Hidden beneath the ice and across the frozen wasteland are the keys to reforging the world, or rending it asunder. Keys which are within the demons’ grasp…

B) New changes:

We proudly announce one of the most expected update since O&C released.

The next update witch you’ll see in the next few days will contain some of the most interesting features that will change the way you see the game so far.

The first and most important feature will be the raising of the level cap from 60 to 70. That will bring new and interesting skills that you’ll have to master in order to be on top of your game in Arenas!

Two new zones will be unveiled, complete with quests and new items!

New features also include:

– The Mechanical Recluse exchanging camp;
– New items and business skills!;
– New items in Nick’s Shop;
– New mounts and pets will be attainable both in the new zones and the old ones;
– New World bosses;
– New daily hubs in the new zones;
– We’re introducing the Beauty Saloon, where you can change your toon’s appearance.
– New quest guide system will be implemented.
– New PvP season will begin. The standings will be reset, but you will keep your Arena points!
– New PvP items;
– New mount will be attainable in the Arena if you’re good enough.

Stay tuned each week for new and interesting items, pets and mounts that will be available in the game.

C) Q&A

1.Q: Will there be a cost for entering the new content?
A: No, none other than being level 60.

2.Q: What are the new skills and abilities?
A: We don’t want to take the fun out of finding that for yourselves.

3.Q: Will the crafting skills be simplified?
A: Yes, and no. There will still be items that will require hard work and dedication to gain them.

4.Q: What new items will be introduced?
A: While we do enjoy letting you having a sneak peak of items, there are simply way to many items and to diverse ranging from level 60 to 70. so we either show to many items to be eloquent, or none. Regardless, we don’t think the items in this patch will affect theorycrafting that much.

5.Q: What are the new bosses?
A: The new bosses are world bosses, live in the two new maps for a long time. These bosses are very ferocious, need more players to defeat.

6.Q: Will they spawn randomly around the world, or will they have fixed spawn points?
A: They have fixed spawn points, but the refresh time is random.

7.Q: Will the Beauty Saloon be free? And if not, what kind of currency does it use? Gold or Runes?
A: No, it is not free, and you must pay by Runes.

8.Q: How does the new quest guide system work?
A: The quest guide system will show you the positions of your accepted quests in map, and the range of your current quest. So you can find them easier.

9.Q: Will it work only on the new quests?
A: No, it also works on the old quests.

10.Q: Will it work for Daily quests?
A: No, it doesn’t work for Daily quests because they are special.

11.Q: Is it fair to keep the same Arena points? It’s clear that everyone will hoard points now for the next update.
A: We have add an upper limit for Arena points and scale the both acquire and consume of Arena points for 500%.

12.Q: How will the new mount be obtainable?
A: Some of new mounts can be bought from Nick.And tamable mounts can be captured on under realm and frostlund.


Day 2 Q&A:

1) Will the update fix the Jellybean-Chat-Game-Crash-Bug?
A: Yes, it’ll be fixed.

2) Will the update remove the X-Mass decoration… it’s March. xD
A: Yes, all the Christmas decorations will be removed.


Day 3 Q&A:

1) Any new dungeons?
A: No, not in this update but expect major dungeon-related content in upcoming updates, and in the meanwhile you can defeat the new World Bosses.

2) Will the old dungeons that have Legendary mode will be scaled for level 70? The Legendary mode, I mean. Or does it mean we’ll have a new special mode for level 70?
A: The old dungeons won’t be scaled for level 70, but new ones will have Legendary mode for lvl 70.

3) Any new Soul Vendors?
A: Yes, we have lots of new merchant.

4) What does “New daily hubs in the new zones” means? What is this?
A: “New daily hubs in the new zones” maybe means “New daily quests in the new zones “. These quest can be accepted every day and their reward can be exchange for new equipment .

5) What does The Mechanical Recluse exchanging camp means? What is this?
A: This is a camp. Lots of Mechanical Recluses here. They will exchange lots of good weapons & equipment for user.

6) Will the Beauty Saloon allow you to change race also, or only appearance
as hair and stuff?
A: Yes, you can change your race and appearance both in the Beauty Salon, but more runes for changing race.

7) Those new tougher World Bosses, you said it requires more people to do them. Does that means the loot system will change? Because the way it is right now is very unfair, where many team helps, but only one team gets to roll.
A: No, the loot system will not be changed.

8) The reset of PVP standings, what will it reset exactly?

A) Ratings?
A: Reset.

B) Season champs count?
A: Reset.

C) By keeping arena points, you mean the points you use to buy gear right?
A: Yes.

9) Will there be a reward for those that have reached maximum now? Like a
mount or a title?
A: There will be reward for those one who had fought in arena. And if you had won Season Champions, you got extra rewards. The more season champions you won, the better the rewards will be.

10) Will we get more talents? Or just more talent points?
A: They will be totally “refresh”. Keep your patience.

11) Will the Soul Stones be reset? Or will we have new Soul-like-currency?
A: No, you can also use the Soul Stone to exchange the T1&T2 levels items. But new exchange camp will need a new Soul-like-currency(Not Soul Stone).


Day 4 Q&A

Q1: Is there gonna be more bag/storage spaces?
A: No.

Q2: Is there gonna be a “Buy-back” option?
A: No.

Q3: Are we going to see any kind of balancing in PvP between classes and specs? If so, could you go a bit into details for the theorycrafting fans out there?
A: In the coming version all classes are going to experience changes ( Please check your mailbox then! Thank you. ), which gives us  brand new pvp situations. We hope that characters differently “builds” enter arenas, and that different combat skills are tried. So let’s find out which class will stand a greater chance against others, and it’s all up to you!

Q4: Release date?
A: We are not giving out release dates. One would’ve gotten used to this fact after years of not giving out release dates.

Q5: Is T1/T2 going to become obsolete?

A:T1/T2 are still usable within the old regions, and same for the souls, still could be used to exchange previous gear. So not 100% useless. However, player does need to loot/aim for higher level/new equipment if they are going to explore the new regions. 


All credit goes to Gameloft.

  • Buner

    So, how do we switch off PVP now? Or do we still only have the option to buy the expensive armour that only lasts one hour?

  • sorena2001

    pls help im 520 garment and cant make anything it said u need to learn legendery garment rank 5 .what should i do/

  • Hlrulez

    i have the same thing man… 520, and tells me that i need legendary fur… wtf.. i tried so many things, asked so many people.. i dunno what to do either!

  • Hlrulez

    Next Question: What should we do after level 520?… most people don’t know because they are lazy and prefer to spend a lot of rune to buy the crafting tablet that gives you 100 levels… me as a person that has only spent 0.99 dollars(Christmas Deal Only) refuses to buy a single rune! i will do it the hard way and i am trying to look for the solution of my problem. Please help!

  • Hlrulez

    Where do i get Legendary fur course(rank 5)?

  • Sorena

    I have same issue cant craft

  • Dustin

    How do you get out of the under realms?