Finally…After a weeks of waiting new Order and Chaos Online Update for iOS is Out.

Let’s remind ourselves what is new in Order and Chaos Online Update for iOS – Version 2.0.1

After Gameloft introduce a brand new race last year, they are proud to broad its universe again, with the addition of two completely new playable regions:

  • Two brand new playable regions: Frostlund and Under Realm
  • Increased level cap: players now can reach level 70
  • Facebook log in – New players can now log with their Facebook accounts
  • New User Interface
  • Fed up with your character design? You can now go to the Beauty Salon to change its appearance!
  • Weekly world bosses and regional events
  • New business skill for level 70
  • New pets and mounts

Players, feel free to roam the underworld and the land of ice now!

Order and Chaos Online game with this update is compatible with iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPod touch (3rd generation & 4th generation & 5th generation) and iPad. Requires iOS 4.3 or later. Game is optimized for iPhone 5.

Download update here. File size is 1.60 GB.


Order and Chaos Online Update for iOS - Frostlund and Under Realm

  • Anonymous

    Servers were up and now they are down.

    • Drizzit

      Is everyone else getting an error code as well to try later (code 400001)?

  • Derp

    Servers down now

    • Skull

      Rangers are impossible to beat!!! They just keep stunning.


    anyone have a URL for new talent calculator? appreciated

  • Order and Chaos crits

    I think the New Talent Thingy sucks

  • Order and Chaos crits

    And Order and Chaos should Right back when we reight them

  • RealRattled

    C’mon gameloft

  • JJ

    I hate the new update! New talents suck and it basically started everyone all over again! Fair game for everyone now!

  • Kody

    Why are the Servers down Gameloft

  • Egnet

    Error code 40001 on ipad

  • Egnet

    They are up

  • I cant access my character option.. Whats going on?

  • I’m very sad for mages, they were extinguished how dinosaur, the old Mage is dead, no more pulls, the specialt ability for kill at the same time many enemies with stunner is over, now the new Mage is a warrior with skirt that use mana pots for pyrotechnics. Bad played gameloft, bad played.

  • ipos official

    damn i wanna update so badly but i owe itunes 7.83$ f’n credit card expired:(

  • Voidhealer

    When is this out for Android?

  • Apelguti

    The talents sucks! A lot of lagg impossible do a quest with divine monk

    • Degomi

      I can easily complete quests as a divine monk. Stop being a baby!

  • Pears

    Apelguti, are the servers up for you?

  • tajtime101 (whispering islands

    Servers have been under quick maintenance for an hour now! Oh well, I got a taste of the game. SRSLY though, 800000 XP to level from 60 to 61!

  • Voidhealer

    When is it up for Android?

  • SexierPuyol

    Fuck this update, they made rangers sooo OP and made mages look like shit now….fuck this game

  • alshemmari

    had 60lvl ranger but after the update is gone what should i do plz help

  • Dead

    It’s rlly annoying after update and more after being 70. There is nothing to do after becoming 70 just doing dailies. Plz make it some more competitive as we are dying of boresom

  • Melnais

    Can’t upload game all ready try everything
    Playing on iPad 3

  • crie

    i have 2.2gig free memory at my storage…3.3gig on icloud :(it says when i download the game it says not enough storage 🙁 can u help me resolve my problem?