Order and Chaos Level 70 Update

As we said the past week, we have are exploring the new Level 70 cap update for Order and Chaos Online. As we said, it really modified some stuff about the gameplay, but the initial impression is not always the best one.

After the update we took our lvl 60 mage called Alimac and started some of the newly presented leveling quests. We also started playing with our warrior, Alimin, to see if the center gameplay was changed. For our mage, we saw that toons are, wholly, weaker. Surely, there are fancy toons with T2 gear and epic weapons passing through the Under Realm and Eternal Frostlund. But if somebody just reached lvl 60 or, like our Alimac, in lesser gear the power decline is big .

The thing that comes out of that is that grinding gets harder, and also a deadlier than before the update. That happened with our mage when we started the new quests by battling lvl 58 mobs and died. They weren’t even bosses. Just mobs.

Undeterred, we decided to re-spec. Our first post-update spec was a Fire build (mainly), with the fire Talent Mastery but with some dipping into the Ice talent tree. But, we reminded ourselves, hybrid builds are at a disadvantage. It’s time to visit a talent tree.

We chose Ice. Why? We want change of pace. Alimac had always favored Fire builds, but now we got frozen. In terms of grinding, there is actually some good things in the Ice tree. Freeze effects and stronger shields were both appealing.

The Ice build is not bad. We have been grinding our way through the Shadow Gate and into the Under Realm with it, and it is a solid grinding build. But, after update, grinding still seems harder than it used to be. The huge XP difference from levels (60 to level 61, and so on) doesn’t help! Really may be slow to grind to level 70.

For Alimin, we were a Battle warrior before and we saw no reason to change this. To us, the lower levels felt pretty much the same. Sure, there is the drop in power, but there are enough easy quests in the leveling zones. Warriors now get Lacerate, Courage, Charge and Swift Strike out of the box, and it was the obvious choice for grinding Battle, right? We have not dropped a single point in Guardian.

We still have not had a chance to really dig into the new crafting skills and recipes. We hear that new update bring an improvement to the new crafting system.

Long story short, the new Order and Chaos Online update seems to be settling in nicely. There are some  complaints, but are not there always? In general new update “have something” that is making game interesting again. You agree with us?

  • Keepin it a 100

    Add compatibility for the Asus Infinity tf700t…

  • MatthewB

    Game won’t work. When I play it gets to Mendel screen and crashes

  • shameless

    Fuck for ya asus ifinity Just Sell It N Buy Whatever samsung Galaxy tab Dumass

  • Carlos

    will be deployed when the new DG ?

  • mendel

    Been having lots of fun with it!

  • Killmore

    Are servers down now?
    It says all servers are busy

  • Dom

    I’m quite disappointed of what has been happening with Order and Chaos, but I guess Gameloft has their reasons(the lag, ect). It would be nice to see an update with the Global chat use, I’m sick of seeing people use it to have conversations. I know you can mute the Global chat but it is always nice to have it un-muted to know what’s going on in the server.

  • http://www.facebook.com/jeffrey.garrett.921 Jeffrey Garrett

    Are you serious? Not changing the Dps war? I been dw on this game the entire time, revenge plaint, ckd… And I was insane because “before” new update I used to get morale all the time. Now I barely get it only time I get it is of I tank, you guys totally destroyed Dps wars. And your new talent tree is horrible. Honestly mili monks, and assassins are way too powerful now, I’m sure playing a lvl 1 char everything feels fine. Go group, and “dungeon” or grind at a higher lvl with a Dps war then you will see your issues before you start saying there’s nothing wrong.

  • Gameloft Broken???

    Cant login and now the forums seem jacked up. Anyone else having this issue?
    I tried to change my password and receive a current password mismatch error, but can log off and log back in with no issue via Gameloft Live shortcut.

  • 1amazingman

    Wtf!! The severs are all busy?!!!!!!!????? Its been like this for days!!!!!! Fix themmmm!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    & this better not affect my daily!

    • Gameloft broken???

      Seems I’m not the only one with issues. What this game and forum are lacking is customer support. Complain all you want, do you see any former comaints with a GL rep response??

  • brolowa

    why i cant leave a mess here;/?

  • Schema86

    They overpowered some classes over the others. Specially sins!!! I can still eat alive a mili monk if i make them drain their mana. But sins, they can permastun you. Wtf is with that and you guys havent done anything about that glitch. This game its full of exploits and NOT BALANCED AT ALL. Now with dailies you need to have 600 crafting to be able to buy equipment, and leveling crafting it’s mad hard. Specially for warriors. This update will make things easier for ppl that pay. Not that i havent buy runes, but not as much as other ppl. Good luck with this. You are about to loose one player here. And im sure im not the only player so i wont make a difference, but im sure that many other ppl will stop playing this game. Good luck gameloft.


    This update was the worst thing Gameloft could do – My dw war is a joke now! Thank you…NOT

  • Xinkz

    What device is every1 using/location?

  • Anthony T

    Can level 60s still run rkl?