Just days after the release of Order & Chaos Duels,  Gamelofts trading card battle game blizzard announced their own card combat game – Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft at the PAX East (Penny Arcade Expo). It looks like for once Gameloft released a product first and Blizzard looks like the one copying Gameloft, which is a lovely change of pace. More details are coming later, but you can see the launch site and the launch trailer is below. Now its time to see which card battle game ends up taking the hearts and minds of what is likely a very similar audience…more to come.



  • http://twitter.com/tgwaste tgwaste

    This isnt for the phone so no real competition. not even for ipad at first.

  • Bartend

    Blizzard still owns gameloft by a lot sorry man.

  • faite

    Yeah there is no doubt Blizzard owns gameloft in every way…once it comes to ipad i think itll be game over for duels

  • Shinou

    Order & chaos Duels is just real copy of Might and magic Duel of champion release the 12 september 2012, made by Ubisoft….

  • Serafin Valencia

    I’m sorry but now that Hearthstone is released order and chaos duels is bland compared to it Hearthstone dominates it in every way.