So now that everyone has had a chance to play with the Order & Chaos 2.0 update for a couple of weeks what do you all think of the mendels? The mendels, for those who have yet to get the update (sorry Android users…it sucks) are the new race introduced in 2.0 that are sort of a cross between the night elves in World or Warcraft and the ewoks for the Return of the Jedi. Like the night elves and the ewoks, the mendels live in the trees, which is the new starting area for players to level in. I’ve been playing with  one for about a week or so and I am pretty impressed. The animations seem smoother and better thought out than the other races, which shows gameloft is finding their stride with the engine. What do you all think? Have you seen any high level mendels running around yet? Let us know in the comments.

  • AizaTalzin

    Retty lousy race. After the initial rush to create mendels, it seems a lot of people either deleted their mendel or just stop playing it. He noy ines i really see ariund are the people that power leveled in the first three days after release and are already 12/12 T1. Otherwise i just see more elves and humans being made again on af server.

  • Kyle

    Pretty cool being small with a huge wep. N definatly see a lot of them

  • Bcj

    Fuck @ gameloft didn’t get what I want

  • Chirps

    Got to level 21 on my mage Mendel. I love it. The eyes kind of freak me out though.

  • Order&Chaos

    But the big problem of the 2.0 is the lack of items, at the final lvl 60 (especially war) we have the same stuff.
    Not to mention the bugs in connection and quests.

    A new dungeon with no real interesting loot, there is no interest to do this dungeon except for fun.
    The only thing I find interesting is for the healers.
    The stick of star maker of heart with 74 power of healing or those who like me don’t have the competence forgeron. But for epic rune stuff missing, you’re obliged to do the new dungeon.

    For the moment I think this new temple is interesting for your reroll in normal mode lvl 30. For legendary, it’s beautiful, it’s fun but that’s all.

    We must to have a extension (lvl 70, more items, more mounts (flying mounts ?), a real feel of adventure like in wow, more spells, more dungeons…) and order VS chaos (it will be my dream)

    it’e more like a 1.x than a 2.0 but i love this race, very cute

  • 12345

    I cant go in. It always says, “UPDATE FAILED.” .-.

  • Yhumar

    Could you please fix the force close crash and then ask if we like the new race?

  • frostfox

    I cant wait till android gets this update but I agree I would love a lvl cap increase and maybe new a

  • jonathan

    Please fix bug on andriod. .. I cant login or even see the gameloft logo.. just force closes.. samsung galaxy note 2.

  • LionRider

    Well a new race in an Order and Chaos update is a good thing…But not Mendels.In my opinion,they are very ugly, like a mix out of a monkey,a little child and a puppet.I dont hate every race which dont looks “dangerous” or “impressive”.I like the pandas in wow,for example. But these Mendels dont show any character,they are for me a terrible mix out of wrong understood “sweetness” and boredeom.Their starting area looks nice anyway.

  • en arg adda881

    I dont have the latest update yet (Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1). When is it available?

  • Riri

    Débile comme race au lieu de nous donne du vrai contenue plusieurs instance HL ainsi que de champs de bataille au lieux de nous sortire des bouses pareille

    • Order&Chaos

      Je suis d’accord, les races ont en a strictement rien à foutre pour l’instant ! Go nous faire de nouvelles instance avec de VRAIS LOOT INTERESSANT, plus difficile, des champs de batailles, plus de stuff (tout les war ont quasi le même stuff), une gestion de guilde plus poussé car là les guildes servent quasi à rien, niveau 70, plus de quêtes, plus de montures (volante serait un rêve) et surtout un réel sentiment d’aventure comme sur wow, une vraie histoire bordel, on s’emmerde ce jeu n’a pas d’âme pour l’instant.
      Un Order VS Chaos et non pas Order & Chaos surait déjà mieux, car là, je le dis, on s’emmerde.

  • Splint

    I love my Mendel ranger… But it did take a bit to find the right combination of face and hair and such like everyone is saying to not get the “creepy” look. I love the way mine looks though. Also some of the armor or helmets might need adjusting with their disproportionate sizes.. Love the update ready for more of the under realm keep up the great work. Would love to see new big story moments if that makes sense

    • Splint

      Actually I guess I don’t know why some people think they’re creepy…. They’re just different is all. I like them.

  • Kenny

    The poster Mendel and my Mendel look cool ill put it like that. ^^

  • Mahal Mo Ako

    How to fix lag in chaosorder

  • Buffalor

    I’m not a big fan of the icon picture. My friends think I’m really weird for having a squirrel/ewok apps… Maybe make it the logo, a different race (preferably orc), or just change it next update to whatever’s new in that one!

  • Yuki Ito

    Make mounts or pets give the player a special effect and fix crafting. Make it like the old crafting where you can keep crafting the same one over and over again.

  • Fuck IOS

    Jajajajajaja gameloft hack with freedom for Android lol

  • Gareatron

    So when is android getting this!?!?!?!

    • SirAlex

      I know is this a sick joke. Stop playing fav and release them on both ios and android at the same time

  • Gareatron

    Please update android to this. We would like to play the new race and areas.

  • ADMIN g4y


  • Theo

    Flush out your Lore in Haradon… Improve/expand upon it make it worth tasting. Your fans will be grateful. Also have you visited Antoria… It’s underwhelming, lol where is “the crimson tower”castle thing… The wizard king standing next to those blood stones looks wonky…..

  • Paladinkiller

    they should start making update like buying house or guild building, thing’s are starting to get boring, they should hire more korean developer the character is so ugly typical of western types, put some more cuties on the pie please

  • Opportunity

    I’m going to sound like a terrible fan. But, the best looking parts of the game are at the beginning and than end at the great desert. Same with the narrative and questing, there are some great stories for quests here and there and narrative, that also strings together alright as you progress, but it seems the farther you go along it really starts to fall apart…. Especially any kind of main plot line… And than there is sinskaald rift….. I hate spending my time there.., is messy the maps fed up, it looks bad, not in a cool way, it like I’ve been waiting to see this rift and then you get there and it’s a huge disappointment….. Many of the same creatures you’ve fought before… Just blown up and big….. The territory is inconsistent and believe me I understand its supposed to be a delapitated waste land…. And than any kind of main plot is lost…. And I just hate being there….. On top of that the best looking environment is Mendel village…. And it’s super small. I need an mmo for my apple mini(or android phone) but it just seems like u got lazy toward the end of the landscape…. I don’t even know why I am or what I’m fighting for anymore…. Or why I should continue playing for that matter…. I’ve reached lvl 52 and now I feel like I don’t have a reason to keep playing or leveling. I guess I’ll go do the dungeons like the jail and the one in the swamp that I haven’t finished yet….. But I’m begging you guys to reinvent yourselves as an mmo…. I’m beginning to feel like I’ve been cash grabbed. And I would rather just start over as some of the most interesting quests I feel are in Arcadian forest tear coast and sprinkled around the isles the desert an yeah…. I guess it’s time to join a guild and do dungeons…. I know you’ve only been around for a few years… But I really hope you can elevate yourselves to like wow status or guild wars in terms of lore and questing. But still managing to keep the simple yet complex skill system 6 wheel and side bar…. I hope to tame creatures for my ranger in the future…. Also it would be totally BADASS if you created a campaign you could play in heroes of order and chaos on the side….. Take us back in time like Warcraft before it was wow, it would also be a badass way to strengthen your lore and narrative and also give us a nice cgi short like wow does.

  • Loui

    I take everything I said back now.

  • Android

    FUCK iphone FUCK gameloft

  • Gl hater

    Alien vs. Predator= Mendel 😀 no iam from android and i hate gl because ios has two upates more!!!why?! android has the most players and we are @upate 7 -.- pls gl sell oac to blizzard! gaemloft do all for the money!!Blizzard do all for the Players!!

    • The Decline

      WTF?? Blizzard and their subscripsion fees are doing it all for the players?? You’re kidding right?

  • SirAlex

    Android needs to come out with this update i think its complet bull that we dont get it the same time iphone does and i really think you guys need to syop playing favorets.

  • don

    Gameloft sucks donkey dick