Happy New Years fellow Order and Chaos Online players. From the success of the sale on the app store (iOS saw it in the top 30 apps in the USA many times over the holidays) there are a LOT more players running around in Haradon. To celebrate this and the new year gameloft has a promo going on this weekend (January 29-31) for 50% off all runes and gold packs. So if you were planning to buy some of the new toys available in the new update you can do so for half off. I just wish they had combined it with a double XP weekend.

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  • Pao

    When will be the next update? I want to know because im waiting if there is a new mount in the arena. Thats why i cant spend my arena points rashly.

  • dasda

    do a 50% sale when the next update is release pls 😀

  • Someone

    It’s only 50% off the 2 most expensive packs

  • Jason

    anyone having a problem when they try to log in sayiong server is busy?

    • SPIRIT

      I am having the same problem! whats going on?Nothing even posted in forum :/

      • http://www.facebook.com/brahmawan Brahmawan Riyadi

        Yeah ive been having the same problem too

      • Jason

        some people say there closing the server…and some say its just to packed…

    • Felipe Lima

      At least, I think this is a geral problem… Maybe they are in maintenence to fix some problems or bugs

  • trues

    I purchased a 50% off rune pack, for 50 dollars original price, and i did not get any runes, yet my itunes money is gone. may i b reimbursed or something? im really unsatisfied with this and i have paid gameloft alot of itunes $ over the past 6 months. if not, this might be the last time i pay gamelof with itunes. please get back to me soon, or email me at croatia2222@hotmail, an admin.

    • http://www.facebook.com/suai.kiat Suai Kiat

      I also facing same problem~~!!!I purchased 25USD and it show me error. But my Credit card already charged me that amount. PLease help~~!!![email protected]

  • simonworld

    i am so piss off for the update. once i transfer the server back to arcadian forest.
    my toon is gone. is it the server back up failed or gameloft deleted our account.
    my log case ID: 3415163 and 3405459
    Please follow up my case. dear support

  • frostfox

    i have android .. i am not sure if this is a android thing or everyone but i can’t participate in the sale for gold or runes .. when i try to go to the store .. it says it can’t contact the server .. i would take this as lag however i haven’t had any probs in game with it .. so guessing it is a problem on gamelofts store end. if someone could fix that before the sale ends so i can at least think about buying stuff .. thanks 8)

  • Imaginer

    help is the promo gone? EXATCTLY today I buyer iTunes and its gone but nick promo Is there and the all is bugged on the server help!

  • A lister

    What’s with the minerals and storage chests disappearing?

  • edlynne

    please fix the problem.. it always force close and log and so many glitch… and when im try to bu some gold i cant conect to store it always say purchase time ou! please fix this prob. as soon as posible… do this first b4 anythings.. i c so many people complain about this matter.

  • edlynne

    please fix the problem.. it always force close and log and so many glitch… and when i’m try to buy some gold i cant connect to store it always say purchase time out! please fix this prob. as soon as possible… do this first before anythings.. i c so many people complain about this matter.

  • DrFreemanUK

    I am writing to complain about the fact that after I have
    made a Runes purchase my Order and Chaos game is force crashing all the time. Would
    you be able to look into my account and resolve this issue, My account name is

    I look forward to an early replay with a
    resolution to this matter or a full refund since I am not able to benefit from
    the service I purchased.