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Heroes of Order & Chaos – User Reviews

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Greetings to all,

We wanted to see just how you go with playing Heroes of Order & Chaos?


How we overhear the next years will be very, very HOT in terms of new things in this game. Unfortunately, for now we can not tell you anything more.


Today,  we looked at reviews of players for Heroes of Order & Chaos in the Google Play. They look like this:


Heroes of Order Chaos Android Google Play - User Reviews



Reviews were generally good, but there are those who give a bad score for this game. Yes, we understand them .. and sometimes we lose our mind in playing Heroes of Order & Chaos.


Here, we bring you a review of one player who rated it badly:


tom caz – December 9, 2012 – Version 1.0.7

Online Issue

Heroes of Order & Chaos isn’t so bad… can say good… But online is really useless. After connect to my account, I cannot do anything… Keep happening timeout even solo….. Should have random hero selection and can’t bind item after 5th slot full…


What are your comments? Leave them below…


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  • joey zaal

    just let play andriod an ios play toghter then i am happy

    • xaw2

      theres reasons y they are not doing it. they have problems with the multi device operation systems working togather

    • agreed

    • doubletheee

      Yeah, I have both devices but can’t bring my upgrades from IOS over to Android. Had to start everything from scratch. Huge huge BUMMER!

  • Hung

    Should have random mode
    Should have single player mode where all heroes are free to use
    Heroes are only need to be bought in online mode
    Should have local mode so less laggy and easier to play with friends by wifi
    Should free all heroes in local mode and single mode and only bought hero in online mode
    Random mode is important
    This will made the game become number choice like dota or dday
    U can play all heroes for free on local mode or single player mode like warcraft


    • Maddude101

      Kinda the same but still agreed
      Country separation?
      Meh couldn’t care less
      Half agree (single player agreed, area disagree)
      Warcraft is awesome full stop.

    • immortal619

      hell ya you are right

  • avataris

    I get really frustrated with the connectivity of HOC on my iPad. It was REALLY bad a few days ago. People left matches, connection was lost, timed out, booted out, just… really bad. However, when I finally did get into a match, it was a great experience… as long as someone didn’t leave at the hero selection stage.

    It would also be nice to have some demos/tutorials about items in the store. It’s quite a large selection and difficult to sift through in the 75 seconds before game launch or while respawning.

    I think, just reading other reviews, people are mostly just upset about the connection issues. Besides that, it’s a great game.

    • the connectivity is my only gripe. The server always times out. I get to actually play about 1/3 of the time I’m trying to play. The rest of the time I get booted from the server, or the game never ‘makes’ because others are having the same issue.

    • Maddude101

      Yeah i dislike it when a match has about 2 players left(5 pvp) then everyone starts leaving (unsure is it was a server issue or player impatience)
      Im fairly sure you could use a search engine or forum for a short tutorials
      Yeah i have to agree that i have had a good experience so far but sometimes the animation looks really… Fake and that ruins it a bit for me for example my favourite character the arcane wizard Vigelos. His legs look like, well flaps of a robe moving back and forwards in mid air

  • Maddude101

    I have had no issues with this game, except the several hours im spending updating. Because that is not an issue with the game im not going to count it 😉 its an entertaining, 3D MMORPG that doesnt lag for me as much as everyone else, what else do you need? Personally, except for empire online (not sure why but im addicted to it) it is the best game i have played for IOS congrats in making a good game gameloft keep up the good work. And please balance the archer… It gets fairly tiring repeatedly being stunned then shot down. Hehe added a mark for my comment hehe

  • BanditManSteve

    Fix the frame rate. Its awful right now. Im running it on a Nexus seven with something like 25 FPS. I KNOW it can run better on the nexus because it runs Dead Trigger flawlessly. Another thing i would like to see is two different attack buttons, one that causes you to attack the nearest minion, and one that causes you to attack the nearest enemy champion. Other than those two issues its pretty solid.

    • Maddude101

      Yeah i have to agree with the frame rate speeds, how about attack nearest enemy (not just npc’s) and attack hero as well. That way if you forget which button is which it doesn’t matter either way

  • Atticus

    Forget new features for now and just work and getting the current friggin ones working! Every time I get on, it’s the same story. You have been disconnected from the server. The room is full. (Even though it stated only having 1/10) Connection timeout… Please try again later. And that’s not even mentioning the guild chat and guild member activity status color never being correct… Or the friends list taking forever to update… I could go on. Bottom line, fix what you got before you start throwing in more stuff with all new issues of its own!

    • Maddude101

      Yeah, devs should focus but not completely on polishing their current product. As for matches, why not create your own game when the opportunity arises. Its much quicker and easier than manually applying.

  • Suyen

    You guys really need to work on your connectivity. I have yet to play a fully manned 3v3 or 5v5 because gathering the players required for either of these modes is impossible. You fix this and you’ll have a lot more players.

    • Maddude101

      I use my mobile as a portible hotspot for my ipad, so far i have had very little issues with matches, except for the occaision oneor two people a match losing connectivity

  • Valajia

    Game is so far one of the best I’ve ever played for mobile.
    But the 1000+ reviews are from ppl that, as me, gets frustated bout connectivity issues, you named them. Fix connectivity, improve friends list, items, etc etc. Make events and put a special map for ppl reaching top levels and a free legendary item as a reward. Improve gameplay so it doesnt get to repetitive.


  • yex9

    Server is still rather unstable despite the improvements as claimed. Have seen rooms waiting for 40 minutes and stuck at 4/5. There seems to be lag in issuing commands and the execution.

    Some in-shop items are ridiculously priced and the archer is too overpowered to the extent that everyone rushes to grab it once the game starts.

    • BLEH

      i agree… a char has to compensate for the fast leeching attacks…. i’ve only seen guervus do good on level 15 beating an archer (pumped on leach + magical attack add ons) but most likely it’s sheer luck… in perfect build… an archer wouls dominate everything….

      and yeah… i agree on character grabbing. if a player doesn’t get the archer, s/he leaves the room…

  • Kenzki

    I bet there’s gonna be new heroes in New Years..:)…

    • Anonymous person

      Well your wrong

  • AlbionSX

    Its an extremely ambitious MMORPG that delivers on its full, dota like exp to its players.
    Cool weapons/items, cool characters, nice races and sorta good balance on gameplay.
    However the lag on the servers, the DCs from the games, the long waiting for the games to load and the TONZ of exp that is been lost for unknown reasons (and i speak from my own exp.. i have lost more than 5 levels in xp that was never delivered while playing online mainly, either i got like.. 16 XP only from a match i won!) make it a second choise on my iOS games. Hoping that all this will be fixed on the forthcoming updates.
    Take care HoO&C kiddos, i’ll deliver my next review as soon as i see changes..

  • user1768

    I’ve had a balanced feeling towards HOC. I was playing Order & Chaos Online for a while, but after this released I found the gameplay much better than O&C. Arenas were much too difficult in O&C as well as leveling. Leveling I found was very hard for me being a Monk. So, unless you are a mage and dealing great amounts of damage. It’s fairly difficult to level quickly. However! with HOC the connection of the server isn’t the best at times. It’s playable but sometimes when I’m playing it just disconnects even after I’ve leveled up and bought tons of gear. So, therefore I wasted time I could’ve spent on actually benefitting out of it. But other than the server connection, the game is great. I am extremely happy thast Gameloft decided to make a Heroes of Order & Chaos. It is my newest favorite game and since my laptop broke, I haven’t been able to play much at all. Thank you!

  • immortal619

    i love this game

  • Melmoe259

    Is anyone else having problems with ur business tailoring points getting deleted?

  • WeMeet

    Things that need to be updated
    #1 Voice. Chat doesn’t work
    #2 No runes in the river like in dota 2
    #3 more heroes no doubles in pvp battle (just copy and paste heroes from dota Warcraft 3 or dota2 lol or hon)
    # 4 no secret shops in woods
    #5 killing boss should. Give u revival totem
    #6 more items
    #better skins don’t just recolor heroes (put more details into the skills could be much better and wider variety)
    If hv minions underur control u should hv groupings like 1 2 3 when u press one u can control ur minion individually
    I like the butterfly’s and te leaves falling of the trees ns details
    #7better special effects for skills (my ipad 4 can handle more)!

    • TheFreakyChakra

      This isn’t trying to be dota 2. moba = LoL style, this game claims to be a moba. action rts = dota, hon, dota 2, etc.
      There will never be runes or secret shops or creep denies. I am not an LoL fan but regardless of either your or my opinion on the genre, LoL has a bigger player base than Dota, HoN, and this game combined. Making a mobile version was a better choice economically, but I feel GL was over ambitious on this title.

      Matchmaking algorithm is really really bad, I get up to high 1700s and i still get matched with people who go 0-15 and don’t realize towers hurt them.

      I agree with nurfing debronee slashes. You can’t target him, you can’t invis out of it, there isn’t an effective counter for it at all really. Other heroes are kinda cheap but I wouldn’t say imbalanced, they can be countered.

      Buff camp respawn times seem a tad bit too long.

      Game is also in need of general bug fixes.

      If you guys don’t resolve this stuff the game will totally flop and people will not come/stay. Which is a shame because when everything works and you actually get matched well, it’s the best game around.

      • Maddude101

        An effective counter for debronee’s attack would be kagax’s ultimate skill which makes him invincible and each attack heals him

  • GameLord

    I love this game and I already paid real money to buy Kagax, but the connection is so bad these recent days. Please focus in fixing the connection issues first. In my opinion, the game control is not that hard, people just have to get used to it.

  • loading12345

    can I download this game in my computer?

  • Justin

    Im running out of patience, the server connection gets worse and worse. Please fix it asap since I really love this game and I don’t want to quit it this soon


    i must admit i’m one of the people who scores the game low. one reason = server issues!!! when you doubled up xp, i was only able to play FOUR (4) times on co-op and only ONCE on pvp because of “internal server error”… i purchased annuir and vigelos only to be disappointed with the game play. i want my credits back if your server won’t be fixex


    if hoc’s gameplay is as smooth as dungeon hunter, it would have been perfect!

  • blums

    3v3 on mine is usually quite laggy, but suprisingly, 5v5 runs much smoother. I am really not quite sure why.

  • Not a critcizer

    I think the game is very good, people who complain about connectivity could have bad devices or slow ones and could have slow Internet. I works fine for me possibly because I have an iPad, and I like it the way it is. However, I was playing one day and I couldn’t play at all, when I tried to join a agame it kept saying internal server error, internal server error, I think you should fix that. And to the people who say there should be random character picks, I think that is stupid because people should be able to choose their character and what they are comfortable with to play. Overall, I would rate it 4.5 stars but you cannot rate on apple.

  • Devlenxl

    I think this game is perfect. My only issue is when you choose auto pvp, if someone leaves then the game server closes. Maybe it can be rethought. I can see only good things and have already spent real money on buying my 3 favorite characters plus there skins. I look forward to new characters and maybe an Yorkshire even bigger match. 10 vs 10 would be intense. p.s ignore the morons talking about local free random etc. This game has to make money somehow, otherwise it would not survive. Plus local gaming would not be fun, and I wouldn’t get anything done at work ! hehehe Happy New Year. P.ssh Is there an email I could submit some character designs I made?

    • sberry151

      The only problem with 10 vs 10 is that there are only 6 free heroes, so you would need at least 4 people to buy a non-free hero to use.

  • sberry151

    My main annoyance is the unbalanced nature of the game. At this point, if I ever see Kagax (Reborn Tyrant) or Debronee (Inquisitor), I instantly leave the match if it’s not a free hero.They’re far too overpowered. If I could make a suggestion about them-

    Debronee: Make his main “3-4-5-6 slash” skill his ultimate skill, and make that ultimate his main. Make the ultimate 3-4-5 (with 80%-90%-100% for attack damage) or 4-5-6 since there are only 3 levels, and then Debronee isn’t amazingly OP at the very beginning but takes time.

    Kagax: Make the skill that makes him move and attack faster with lost HP slightly less OP. Instead of 3%-5%-7%-9% for each level, I would recommend doing it 2%-4%-6%-8% at the least, and also make the Bloodletting skill (ranged damage + slow) slightly less damage and only 2 second weaken or 20% slow instead of 3/30%.

    I think those would help balance them and make them not as OP as they currently are. These are also simple things to do, as far as I could tell.

    • Maddude101

      The archer is overpowered as well, if a player know a good build, most heroes wont stand a chance. Most battles usually go like this, stun me, rapid fire high damage arrows with leech effect, i recover attack and/or flee, i die because she has a higher movement speed, attack speed, damage AND a stun skill, the only time I manage to win is if Im in a group. Thats while im using Vigelos, Kagax or Debronee

  • NotaCriticizer

    I like this game and think its very good, but I think you should also fix some things. One of my major problems is that the ranking is not super good, when I finish a battle and win, it records all my kills, assists, and soldier kills total and adds it to my profile, but it doesn’t record wins and losses, It recorded it once, and that was a loss. Then my raking went down and it won’t come back up. I’ve won nearly all my battles, yet my ranking stays at 1500 and 1484 (
    The one time it recorded it and was a loss) And the other problem I’m having is sometimes u
    The update fails, and internal server error and connection lost, those can get really annoying if it happens because it keeps repeating. Finally, there are some people who like to join matches and leave so no one can play and some people disconnect and are afk the whole time.i think if someone leaves you should just put in a computer for the team, and if someone goes afk for over 1.5 minutes then you should put in a computer to take their place. One time, both players left and I was the only one left, and it was like impossible to win by yourself. Those are the only problems I have, everything else I think is perfect. I hope you can fix these soon

  • HyMan06

    This game is very bittersweet. Let’s start with the bitter. There have been MANY times where I enter a game with level one skills (assuming I am level 27). Entering a game with level one skills mean my talents are not even apart of my game. Also, I didn’t play 40 minute games to recieve ZERO EXPERIENCE and CREDIT. Jesus Christ I can go on about how this frustrates me. The sweet part of the game is that the weekly new heros give players a chance to try out every hero, to see which one suits their style of gameplay. I give the game 5/10. Fix these bugs please.

  • Soulorder

    I think the game is very good but my ranking is always the same, it records all kills, but It won’t record all my winnings and I have. Won many times, please fix that. If you can, my account is soulorder

  • SeVeS

    How about an offline mode? simply to play when out of the connection of wifi or mobile data?
    Also option to increase the size in buttons like in MC3 and MC4,because some people have large fingers

  • Deathmonk119

    On my account I am stuck with 15k emblems and it won’t let me get anymore and I have already received over 2k more emblems but its just stuck there please help

  • bring in new heroes sometime please, would be realyl great, and maybe a new map?

  • Deawes

    Please fix servers. 10 games joined and all have failed due to server issues. Great game when I can play but hate wasting money on something that doesn’t work. Fix fix fix. Please

  • a;fhasdj;flkasdhfla

    i cant pass from the play button!!


    I love the game … I just started playing it. My problem is why can’t I find my friend account in the game? I am using am IPhone 5 and he is using a Samsung Note II … When I tape his ID the game sais the player does not exist … The same thing happens when he looks for me. Is frustrating … We want to play together but we can’t. Why?

  • Bedrock

    After the new update me and my friends had trouble entering the custom match. Loading the custom rooms was very slow and nothing appears.

  • Juntay81

    I think Debronee is overpowered! Like elf face to debronee, there are no chance to win, their skill got no delay, and can cast the skill from far, since i cast the stun skill of elf, there are no way to stun them, this is no way to escape, except hidden, and 1 more things is 1 of the debronee skill im not sure wats the name, they can hit u many times without ur focus(u cant focus them) wif a normal damages, 3 to 4 hit my hp only left only 10%, u cant stop or stun him from far, and he got no skill casting delay, and u cant stun him when he is on the skill, what the hack is this?

  • dann

    hello i got a question can u play whit only 1 more friend co op or do you need 2 friends?? to start a game?

  • Kaseda

    Personally, I love the game. Other people seem to have many connectin issues and such with it, but I normally find connecting easy and quick, with no issues. The only problem I find is that matches can get very unbalanced when people leave the match, as the AI only attacks nearby enemies, and otherwise stands still, making him useless if he is the spawn area. Other then that, some hero prices are very high, leveling up isn’t as rewarding as it should be, for example you should get free gold tickets for a spin in the rewards every few levels, to win new heroes and skins. I do, however, like the solo mode, where you can try out new heroes that you aren’t used to, trying to develop new builds, and justworking on your skill. I wish there were different types of game modes and more maps. I wish they would make the buffs you get more obvious towards what they actually are. They have server maintenance every week, and I never have issues connecting because of it. I wish that if you get bored of the heroes you have, they have a mode where you are given a random hero, but you can get any hero. The new heroes skill, the plane walkers fourth skill, is very laggy. However, I love the free weekly heroes, the 1,2, and 3 lane maps, and other things, like portals in the maps, buffs hat you get from walking over them in the 2 lane map, and the daly reward.

  • Shelock

    dis game sucks!! ! I’m getting fucking sick and tired of Dat mid air glitch in heroes and oder of chaos online