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Heroes of Order & Chaos – List of all Heroes

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We present a list of unique heroes that you can find in the Heroes of Order & Chaos. Each hero have his strengths and weaknesses, classes, and all with different colorful designs.



List of all Guardian Heroes in Heroes of Order & Chaos:

List of all Supporter Heroes in Heroes of Order & Chaos:

  • Iron Guard
  • Priestess of the Tides
  • Goblin Scout
  • Demon Lord
  • Battle Mage
  • Ant Guard
  • Grey Witch

List of all Mage Heroes in Heroes of Order & Chaos:

  • Arcane Warrior
  • Harbinger of Doom
  • Molten Lord
  • Doom Prophet
  • Phase Master
  • Harpie Slayer
  • Gambler
  • Elemental Lord

List of all Fighter Heroes in Heroes of Order & Chaos:

  • Nomad Assassin
  • Reborn Tyrant
  • Dark Elf Exile
  • Demon Hunter
  • Inquisitor
  • Sand Walker
  • Chameleon


If the new heroes are added to the game, we will try to update list quickly. Feel free to give us comments and suggestions.


  • Plz update more heroes and can u give us 10 heroes not 6 becouse u get bored playng same heroes in 1 week..plz plz plz

  • Mlemort

    Please lower the héros cost, it´s in general way too high

    • darkelf

      totally agree…20000 for one hero?!

      • frank

        28000 preciesly

  • Is the server under maintainance ? Cause i cant go in..

  • Is it under maintainance?

  • N_A_P_R_O_X

    Now in MMORPG’s I play rogues, namely Rangers. After winning The Gambler I fell hard in love with the wee lil guy. I hope they address the choppy lag issues. For PvP.

    Thanks you.

  • ojskie

    please lower the emblem cost of heroes. it really is so high.. its like impossible to get with emblems and we really need to use real cash to get them. 🙁

  • Marcus

    Keep up the hard work! Try to fix the lag… And cheaper heroes would be nice. This game is definitely going to catch on. Can’t wait to see the other heroes.

  • Knaz

    Pls make ctf in hoc that be awesome

  • Mr.Eggs

    All of these heroes are cool!

    I’m just extremely tired of everyone using the Dark Elf Exile. I find she is way too easy to play.

    • keminhoc

      you can counter it with heroes with blink-like ability, such as paladin grandmaster, chameleon, inquisitor. or just gang it with stun+silence combo

    • Chandra Martika

      Yeah, and her skill is good too. 1 skill to stun opponent, 1 skill could spread attack to all minions, 1 skill to make her invisible, and 1 skill could fasten her speed + attack. She’s damn good.

    • Arcanexslayer

      Too cheap, too easy to play, played very game, on both teams, tired of it but can’t change that.

  • xxzatchxx

    Why did all my achievements got erased?

  • HordeXedroH

    I bought the Goblin Scout last night, love his AoE healing flare. I think I’m gonna make a attack damage build for his gun ability, too.

  • LokiBoy26

    Please please please nerf the red tank dude. He is OP beyond belief, once he gets to lvl 6-7 he is unstoppable. PLEASE NERF HIM

    • amin setiawan

      which heroes that you mean “red tank”?

      • Mlemort

        Kagax I guess

  • stevetheg

    we need other maps to play on. and possibly lower how good the archer elf is. he is cheap to buy with high speed and dmg he is unstopable

    • Chandra Martika

      Yeah, she’s rather hard. But if you team up with other hero, she could be beaten. Actually her defense is pretty weak (except if she buy armor or something). You could beat her with Rock Fist (thick fur), Kagax (fast atk speed if he’s hurt), or Kuirras (also has stun attack). Just master them.

  • Mlemort

    Please make a nerf on Kagax tho, really, really OP when he gets hurt… Or at least don’t make him free on free rotations

  • ledafux

    My emblems dont get far than 10k 🙁

    • Jun Arthur

      can you make it far than 10k?

      • Dan

        The counter still increases, it just won’t change until you make it to the next number (in this case, 11k). So you’ll be on 10k for 999 emblems, then it will change

  • Arcanexslayer

    Heroes are generally too expensive, and take quite a while to save for one. Also, people say the elf is op, but Kagax isn’t? You just wait until he is about to die, he pops his ult, if you have no mass of stuns and slows, he will always catch and kill you.

  • W.I.

    plz increase the earning of the emblem..
    its imposiblle to reach and buy a hero.
    my emblem also cant move,,just stay in 10k.
    is it possibly move ?


  • Byyan

    The tyrant and inquisitor need to be neared asap

    • Byyyan


  • astalavistas

    please add more heroes

  • Jtab02

    I have been playing this game for a while and a lot and I currently have 26 K emblems and I have absolutely no idea who to buy.. Any suggestions?

    • TheMangaSage

      dark elf or demon hunter or inquistor

  • brrm

    i really like the elf, is cheap and levels fast. but she is more or less a beginners hero. the other more complex heroes are way more powerfull later on in the game. a lvl15 wizard can beat the hell out of her.

  • TheMangaSage

    The prices for a hero are way too high.And the network is so laggy.Other than that one of the best games on iOS

  • Guest

    dont complain about the heroes being too strong.They all have weaknesess

  • take from poor give to rich GL

    They charge so high so they can get fat, lazy, and rich by making other lazy people spend money.

  • LOLZ

    kiojuiht7gtyuihnjuygh lol i personally think kagax is invinsible maybe it is just me hmmmmmmmmmmm

  • LOLZ

    and the best hero on 1v1 is savage of the deep if u r like 100 health versing 500 health .4th skill attack they get the same damage water ord trident tsunami attack normal attack dead

  • LOLZ

    well sia lol

  • LOLZ


  • charles

    can you fix my lag in my account i bought 5 28k heroes then my account was being lag and account is Kysia29

  • Kathazine

    What is the name of the big japanese woman fighter (or dressed like one with make-up? I won that from spinning but I could not find in the lost of options to use as my character. No idea if I need to do do something for it to appear orif it is a bug issue.