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Heroes of Order & Chaos is now available on Google Play

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Finally came that day. As we announced earlier, Heroes of Order & Chaos is now finally available to download for Android.

People from Gameloft’s finally solve the server problems they had, and as promised, today game has become available.

This MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) game has received very good reviews in last day’s. A great number of players enjoy it for days, since it was released a few days earlier for iOS users.

When you start a game you first finishing a tutorial that learns you the some basics of movement, upgrades and combat. Then the Heroes of Order & Chaos is split into two sections. First you can set up a custom battle between CPU and yourselfs or, if you have experience, head into a 3v3 or 5v5 multiplayer fight.

In fact, why should we continue to write and so deduct your time. Hurry up download the Heroes of Order & Chaos and enjoy it.

If you wish, you can also see our first guide. New coming soon … so stay tuned.

Good luck…

  • HerpaDerpa


  • Pudge

    I came

  • ghost

    I use galaxy note, it cant download this game ¦(

  • Mathew

    Why isn’t my stuff from iPhone rolling over to android? My account is an account shouldn’t have to start over…

  • ah d

    Galaxy note can’t download?

  • Barzany

    extreme lag issues guys. Ive been waiting the release of the game, but the lag coupled with difficult controls make it really hard to play. i have faith in you gameloft.

  • Duckroll

    Controls are gonna take a bit of getting used to. Casting is difgicult ob n y galaxy S3

  • xaw2

    great this is done now work on update 7 every one wants a mount

  • andhar

    Error with the servers on android again? Been trying to log in and join games the past 2 hours. Everything times out and no it’s not my connection. Im using a S3 btw.

  • Andhar

    Update us on the damn server issues. Game has not been playable all Day.

  • Danut Laurentiu Trestianu

    Server not working damn !!!!!!!

  • Sir

    Can we play on the same server as friends with iphones ?

    • sfwefn2fadfd

      no. the servers are completely different.

  • Andhar

    When the Servers are working my game keep crashing and i have to start all over again… Kinda sucks When your 3 minutes away from Victoria.. Please let us get some feedback on what you are going to do with the server buggs and the game crashing/lagring buggs.. Using a Samsunggalaxy s3 btw .

  • des

    the server cannot be connected….sad

  • dd


  • Erick Orlando Balderas Bryand

    server not working!!!!!

  • ah d

    Damn noob server,pls fix the problem.

  • baliw1989

    server sucks and i keep disconnecting. takes time to play a pvp game (roughly 10-15 mins before i can join a game and then i get disconnected.) i have to close the game and open it back up to work after that the same problem continues over and over. i hope they can fix the server issues and make it like iOS servers.

  • Jimbalaya

    the server will connect to my login and solo games no problem. but anything else, even the daily reward times out the server

  • aa

    i cant send friend invitation

  • monkey2d

    Quiero jugar y no puedo!!
    Arreglen ese problema del servidor por favor
    Sólo quiero jugar un ratito y poder jugar agusto sin que me saque el juego

  • duckroll

    This is lagtastic! Improve the server please… I WANT TO PLAY!

  • Why don’t i get any rewards after winning ?

  • CoastwardPie5

    can anyone else not play at the moment?

  • kroket

    With all these problems on servers, .. do you expect that people buy the pay version?… :S

  • dwingi

    Please make a crossplatform update, that would be amazing! It would be the best game in the playstore when i could play with my ios friends!!!

  • stupid server

    your server SUCKS……..!!!!!!!!

  • Mike

    Still got server issue…. I hope it will be fixed soon. I love the game so much!

  • Arcanexslayer

    The server needs a lot of work. The connection is very fragile, and the chat, I’ve found, doesn’t seem to work with other players unless you are in game or in the pre/after game lobby. Secondly, it may just be me, but there seems to be several grammatical and spelling errors in this post. Needs some work.

  • Dio

    Please release this game on the Kindle Fire HD…

  • saulius adomavicius

    posible refound ? becouse i see what more wen week and no resolve problem

  • David

    I cant download it with mi LG optimus L7 why?

  • zrudo

    server problems, bad connection, and i buyed a guild but cant never get into it because of connection problem

  • karim

    i cant find the game plz help i got samsung s3 send me the link

  • Marcus

    Look, I know this is a pain in the bottom request that you will hear a million times… But please heed us. Find a way to make this game go cross platform. We have faith in you gameloft.

  • Unodos Tres

    Doesn’t seem to work on my Asus Padfone. Not compatible, said the Play Store.
    Normally apps seem to run perfectly fine when installed by downloading .apk, not this time.

    When booting the message prompts download successfull, press ok to start.
    What actually happens is redirecting me to my home screen (on tablet mode and on phone mode).

    What’s really mindf’in me is that the game DOES work on my old Desire Z.

    So why isn’t the Asus padfone compatible with this game?

  • riko

    it’s now available on s2

  • Igor

    Why dont work on xoom2 10.1?

  • udagfdhjsgfl


  • y’all suck nuts

    hahahahahhaahhaaaaaaa ey fuk op biches on dis gam

  • Frosty

    The newest update 1.1.0 is not available for Kindle Fire (HD) So i can no longer play anymore, Other then that it was a good run i guess Frosty977