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Golem Guardian 12-B

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Golem Guardian 12-B is of a mechanical race called XXX, although it looks like a metal version of a mage’s golem. By the gods of Haradon, along with his peers, he was created long ago, and was in hibernation deep underground for centuries. Until the Saithions’ excavations interrupted their thousands of years long drowse. Golem Guardian 12-B angered by the chaotic state of Haradon and their churlish awakening, aims to teach these organic mouth-breathers a good lesson.


Golem Guardian 12 B Heroes of Order &  Chaos

Recommended Items: Zealot’s Horn, Darkwind Cloak, Hades Armor, Farseer’s Cloth, Chain Boots, and Stirring Soul Of The Dragons.

  • Ramakas

    Hey, thanks for the info, but try spending more time fixing the server and less time giving us pointless posts about heroes we can’t use… due to server issues!!

  • wonderlick

    hello Milan could you please fix your guys new updaye because it keeps making me update over and over and wont let me play what do i do!!!!

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  • Comet

    Please, descirbe the B-12 skilss.

  • caden

    please tell me what to buy with 12-b

    • 12-b pro

      I usually start with the cheap boots and belt at the start of the game for some added HP and attack and depending on the attack carry with me if its a noob fighter i get usually expensive items to raise attack if its a good fighter then go HP ups and depending on the team I’m fighting if they have a lot of fighter then i boost physical defense if mostly Mage i go up mostly magic defense the items dont matter just choose them based off of the situation your in