Order Chaos Online Update2

Another fresh news from Gameloft. After the latest update – Order & Chaos Online Version 2.0, you can expect difficulties in connection .. or even impossibility of connection to the server.


Here are some images for you ..

Order Chaos Online Update Screen


Order Chaos Online Update Screen3



Unfortunately, players can not expect that conection be in good condition for another couple of days.


We just got the latest news from Gameloft administrator. She says:


In the recent update of Order and Chaos for Android, an issue arose during the submission process of the PvP Arenas update. Rest assured that we are working hard right now to fix it so that you can enjoy the game as soon as possible. 

We'll keep you posted! 

Thank you for your patience and for understanding!"


Be patient, and you will enjoy in this Order & Chaos Online Update 2.0

  • Gromislaw

    Ofcurse. I have traditional update blackscreen when I try log.

  • xaw2

    great job but you should catch android up before doing anymore updates for iphone/ipod/ipad

  • Ovenmitt123

    I’m assuming GM has been notified about the connection issues right?…

  • Ovenmitt123

    My connection issue just states I have no internet… which is clearly not true becaus I am posting this via wifi…

  • Brutal99

    Hey People i Have the New Update but when i go Inside to Play the game it Stays the Screen Black I don’t Know why? Can someone Explaint to me i am at Server America – Arcadian Forest

    • art3mis

      I get black screen too bro, did you figure it out yet? Did you try reinstalling the game? Just wondering thinking about doing it, but dont want to waste time if that doesn’t work. I think it’s a bug, they should really TEST OUT UPDATES BEFORE RELEASING THEM. Now we can’t even play the darn game!

  • thani

    how do i get to the new island

  • Thetam


  • Thetam

    I teleported

  • Jeos

    My iPhone says I don’t have enough local storage. But I have 3.2g left. What’s the deal?

    • Blue

      A solution that i found is that you download it to your itunes then drag it to your iphone button in the top right hand corner.

  • http://twitter.com/Kh0r Marco Pontone

    the QUEUE in the log is just while maintenace right? hope yes cuz it’s annoyng

  • brazlocateli

    I just bought the game and can not play, why the black screen, it’s ridiculous!

  • Pumpkin

    I’ve figured that the BLACK SCREEN means try again later (we’re busy). Patience is a virtue.
    I also got the NOT ENOUGH MEMORY TO UPDATE thingy. My solution: delete app and download again (it won’t charge you) but make sure you know your username and password! Don’t be a fool and forget it!!

  • Thani

    Why does the queue take long time it sucks.

  • Not a happy user

    what is worn g with you Gameloft!!!! this lag and queue it’s pissing me off!!!!

  • very laggy gameloft game

    OMG laggy game.

  • http://twitter.com/tryphoon Cyril Rickelton-Abdi

    Same install issue as Jeos and as several other users, according to the iOS App store… Any idea of what is going on?

  • Prettyboyswag

    Argh the queue is so long. 600 people ahead -_-

  • Order&chaoslover111

    honestly i think you need to update thia game fast. im already done with buying stuff until they fix lagg and all there server issues!

  • Zanzear

    There are 402 people in front of me

  • artemis

    Guys, is everyone experiencing the black screen? I know some players are… is anyone able to play AT ALL? I played only 5 mins at Whispering Island Server connection lost, now black screen over and over again. My original server Arcadian Forest has 600 ppl qued I waited 3 hours and only got to 100 and just gave up. Other servers give me black screen even when creating new characters. Anyone else getting black screen? Is it a bug? Or does this mean server busy? Anyone know?


  • jax

    Seriously I think you did a great job and all, but dam 600 Que?(not to mention the fact that I haven’t been back on Arcadian forest server since the update because its because of issues right?) I honestly expect much bigger and more powerful servers or something since we all know they rack in the money!!, I mean I really do appreciate the update but even though I recently decided to drop a $100 but there’s just so many server bugs with no rescue in site, it’s really tiring…Other than this whole new gigantic Que which I kinda doubt is going to be completely resolved for a long time.

    • Mazz

      Waited 4 hours to log into my main on forest and when I was in I couldn’t even move

  • jax

    Oh and now I’m definitely not dropping any money till these server bugs are removed as well, because honestly if you can update the game this much, fix some bugs please.

  • gameloft admin

    Ahhh the deadly black screen…queing non sense. I think because the update patch is still very fresh, the server will be very busy catching players caches from time to time. Give it few more hours. should be no more problems then. It did the same thing when the last major update for SAILEN, about 3 months a go.

    • jax

      I hope your right man.

      • jax

        Still nothing here, :/

  • Blanketninja

    I waited hours and when it was my turn it wouldn’t even let me play please fix servers

  • Reddevil7913

    I’m guessing the servers are clogged. I started with a black load screen and now have a queue message that I’m #679 in line to join. Wait a few days.

    • Mazz

      They need to make a new realm or have free realm xfers from high pop to low pop realms so people could play again…

  • Downsy

    I logged back in after update and all my toons have been wiped??? Wtf?

  • Mazz

    They should make free realm xfers or more realms bc 2hr wait time to play our main server is crazy

  • thezapp36

    i need to buy blue wrapping paper from a guy for a quest, but when i click on him nick`s shop just pop up?

  • thezapp36

    i need to buy a blue wrapping paper from a guy for a quest, but when i click on him, nick`s shop just pop up? please answer! 🙂

  • Viktor

    Help game crashes like I stay 2-3 min and just crashes I went with my 2 toons in gm It just opens me hm for 0.5-1 sec and crashes can’t do anything HELP!

  • WTF

    WOW seriously? you’re gonna make us BUY the option to turn off PVP? WTF…..I know you guys are trying to make profits but seriously? there is not a game out there that requires their players to PAY for this option… SO fking ridiculous….


    Okay I see a bunch of black screens but that’s not what I’m getting … What’s happening to me is I can load any other character, but as soon as I try to load my main character who is in the great desert, it shows the loading circle, then says connection lost. That’s all that it says, but I load any other character anywhere else and it’s fine .. why?

  • thezapp36

    some quests you have to but things from persons with a red thing over. When you click on them, Nick`s shop just pop up and you cant buy those items you need for quest! please, fix this soon!!

  • ardelz

    hi guys.. i got this problem = “connecting… ” words for a long time, Then i see Update Notes = It’s BLANK.. Can you help me? It’s my first game 🙂 Thxx (sry for my bad english)

  • KimTurns

    Ninalar quest , kill field quest and flowers for louise quest has an error pls fix this ASAP!!!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/JeremyGartin Jeremy Gartin

    And of corse im getting black screen today from new update

  • Mike

    Downloaded the game. Launched. And there is a ‘checking updates’ screen all the time. I wasn’t able to play the game yet. Any ideas what’s wrong?

  • Jordan

    when ever i try to play it goes to a checking update screen, then it goes to a screen that says update server is under quick maintenance and cannot be accessed. please try again later. i keep retrying and nothing.