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Heroes of Order & Chaos Reviews Positive

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The reviews thus far for Heroes of Order & Chaos have been extremely positive. Overall people seem to love the gameplay and don’t find the pay portions to be too overbearing. Controls are tight and the game doesn’t feel like its been dumbed-down to work on a mobile platform. Lastly the vast amount of content is impressing reviewers across the board. This is easily the best reviewed gameloft game I have ever seen, which hopefully means people will really get behind this game so we can see many updates in the future.

A couple of reviews are linked below.

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Game trailers Review

Modojo Review

  • Review the game servers dammit

    what about the massive server issues? No mention of them yet? im lucky if i can play one game a day.

  • duckroll

    When will you release this for on google play store?

  • gamer

    When will you release this for on google play store? +1

  • r4wmunt34q

    The server issues stopped two days ago, now its all good with occasional errors and crashes.

  • Phreef


  • Machry is TOO OP!!! Yeah I know you can only get him by luck, but he appears alot if your playing Solo… and his skills are too OP :/ Either Balance him more, or make it so that he doesnt appear to often in Solo matches >.<; If he is on my team we are bound to win, if he isnt on my team we are bound to lose… ALSO!! make the team making more balanced… I was stuck with myself(Erefern) and two supports… and the other team had a Mage and two fighters…. it was ridiculous and we got slaughtered…. a Real match wouldnt be like that I would think 😛 and make the AI smarter…. they tended to just stand and watch another hero die if there wasnt any units around them… instead of helping the other to escape their death… I know that this isnt based on Solo's, but the Solo is training for a REAL match and its pretty hard to train for the real thing when your allies just watch you die then die few seconds later from the same person… Other than Solo matches being a pain this game is super fun! and please release on the Android soon :O

  • another thing! add in the option to have the D-pad always there… I hate having the Virtual D-pad appear where I first touch >.< because if your moving down it tends to stay near the bottom and your chracter just stands there… other times ill accidentally click somewhere when I meant to just use the D-pad… or the screen moves away… Also make the hitbox for the map bigger… Its a pain trying to tap on the tiny map to enlarge it 😛 and there are a few issues of your character getting stuck…

  • Just thought of this one too… the projectiles seem to fly forever… they dont die off they just keep following you until it hits you… and you cant dodge them either… not even turning dissuades the arrows…

  • Abdul

    Iam big DOTA freak, and waiting vit 1000 eyes for its release on Google Play.. Its awesome to have this game on mobile platform.. GG Gameloft.. mid solo TY 😉

  • Fahed2400nv

    i will play this game now

    • Fahed2400nv

      how can i play this game on play store

  • MeSteelar

    Still got server issues

  • bored guy

    more maps I am bored of the same ol’ 2 maps please more maps we already have loads of items and heros we need MAPSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS

  • why can’t not ply ?

  • stawberry3243

    Everyone, you got to have this app, its so cool, try it now for FREE!

  • cheesecake

    Server issues resolved? I think not. I get internal errors every third time I try to join a game. Not to mention the frequent crashes (couple times a day. And then there’s the dud games that people are dropped from – probably 3-4 of those for every successful launch. I’ve never had so many problems with a game in the past – and it gets “good reviews…” By who? Your interns? Gameplay has potential, but the poor programming and servers kills. Get your act together and quit boasting…