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Heroes of Order & Chaos – New release date for Android

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Heroes of Order & Chaos was released last week for iOS users. Due to some server problems, the Android version for Gameloft’s highly expected MOBA game was delayed. Developers of the game have been working day and night on fixing the problems with servers, and  finally they are announced new release date for the Android version.

Our friends from Gameloft has done a good amount of improvements regrading that server problems. And while there’s still a little additional work to be done to everything runs smoothly, they has set a release date of December 5th, 2012 for the Android. Their users will be able to download the game next week if there are no unexpected problems. Once when Heroes of Order & Chaos appear on Google Play, we will publish that news.


Be patient a little longer and you will soon play this great game on your Android’s.

  • It’s near…

  • Legend


  • Johan

    Next up: Gameloft needs to optimize HOC for the Ouya. It could be freakin awesome.

  • Plz update more heroes and can u give 10 heroes not 6 becouse u get bored playng same heroes in 1 week..plz plz plz..

  • will it work on nexus S?

  • ZeSTiQue

    It’s same server between iOS and Android ? So we can play together ?

  • ah d

    Today already Dec5 boss….how…

  • katmantam

    We want to know that you will release the game on the Google Play in 0:00AM 5th DEC or in the worktime

  • its not on android and its 5 december

  • James Smith

    What time today will it be released ?

  • Dude,its Dec 5 where is hoc ,its not on the playstore

  • Robert Generalao

    Well it’s the 5th of December now… Where is it? It’s still not on Google play store. I mean What the hell Gameloft? What time is it coming out? I am disappoint!

    • that”s why dude,what the hell!! i am still waiting!!!

  • Shiro

    If gameloft wants us to play there games they better start to answer all the questions!!
    WHEN will you guys realse the game for Android?
    Can u iOS and Android play together??

  • James Smith

    Has anybody heard if they’ve changed the release date or if it is still today ? An how about a reply too our questions as that is the purpose of the comment box ? Directed at this website

  • genesis

    Cade o jogo??????????????!!! brasil

  • genesis


  • lol

    not delete my claim on their promised!!!!!!

    to the waiting game!! vai catapult!!!!!??????????? ja is day 5!!!!!!????

  • ProGamer

    Damn, its still not here!!!

  • ckinsey12

    U guys need to be patient. They said today and with most online games it will prob be released sometime this afternoon or evening. Just cuz they day a date doesnt mean they release as soon as day starts. They have 24 hours to release.

    • James Smith

      Its 11.20pm 5th of december, 40 minutes left of the 5th

  • Mr.Moschino

    WHERE IS THE GAME!!!!??!

  • come onnnn plz gameloft tell us when she will be available what hour??


    I’ve been excited for this game to come out.. But I guess we have to wait a year or something.. Gameloft.. Step your game up. Btw when heroes of order & chaos come out my account will be SUUxKID

  • Josh

    Omg I can’t wait any of longer!!

  • ProGamer

    What time is it in their headquarters. Cuz in my country, they have a 2 hr countdown left.

  • kz0r

    Why havent this game released yet?
    It is 5th december.
    Cmon gameloft end our pains and release the game:)

  • oh god!! where is HOC >???

  • kzor

    Game is on play store@@@@@@@
    ty gameloft!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • yeah baby!!

  • torp

    Hospitalized cant play LoL since i got no laptop, was really hoping for this and still not out.

  • Hamzah Qaisar

    It’s out get dloading

    • James Smith

      I can’t find it in the Google play store ?

  • ProGamer

    Its out!!! Its out!!! Praise God. i thought i would nvr see this game

  • for god’s sake

    well i cant download it . when i click install it just loads it forever and cant start downloading

  • HerpaDerpa


  • notconnecting!

    not connecting.
    just says connecting…connecting…connecting…
    tmobilenote2 over carrier network

  • t.starshine

    Server for android has been down for 2 days now. Any idea when this might be fixed? Just spent a little money and would like to e joy it. Lol