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Heroes of Order & Chaos delayed for Android

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Upcoming multiplayer online game Heroes of Order & Chaos for Android has been once more delayed for a little bit. Now, for Android users, there’s no real timeline for  when android players will get their hands on this game, however we discover out from a reliable source that it might happen this week. While the game is out there right now for iOS, Android users will have to wait a short bit while Gameloft resolves a small server issues. It does seem like some iOS players also are experiencing server problems as well. This server issue is preventing it from being released. Yeah, we might rather have it totally working once it lands on Google Play rather than having technical difficulties, however we hope that we’ll not wait too long for it.

You can notice preview of Heroes of Order & Chaos here.

  • xaw2

    players want this on android but not as much as we want update 7!

    • Milan

      I totally agree 🙂

  • Android User

    Can you give it a specific date for when it will come out on android? Like in next week or tomorrow? Most Android users like me have been searching the app store continuously for the game every few hours.

  • Asdru

    I need to play now :-/

    • Jack Android

      Me too… 🙁

  • pla gameloft tell us if she will be available this week or we will wait another month?

  • keith

    PLEASE!! cant wait to play on android!!!

    • Bob

      I hear you!!!!! Omfg I wish I hadn’t even heard of it till it was already out 🙁 this is torture

  • Plz come out fast we want play on Android

  • Kay