Gameloft and Discovery Bay (a Duo Games label) have teamed up to bring the first dual stick controller officially approved by apple for the iOS platform. The controller will cost $79.99 USD and comes with a stand to make the iPad or iPhone feel more “console like”. It runs on two AA batteries featuring four face buttons, two sticks and shoulder buttons. In addition to controller support for Order and Chaos Online, it will also launch optimized with 4 other gamelofts titles including Asphalt 7, Modern Combat 3, Order & Chaos Online, Brothers in Arms 2 and N.O.V.A. 3. Duo Games promised further support in the future. Mike Sievert, CEP of Duo Games claims “We’ve worked closely with Gameloft to ensure that Duo Gamer is optimized to the fullest extent for their rich, immersive game apps”.

The controller is set to arrive any day now and will be available across the US at Amazon, Target, Apple retail stores and others.

The potential for this is huge for both Order & Chaos Online and the iOS platform in general when you consider the ability to stream the game to a TV over airplay. Very quickly this could begin to compete as some kind of baby console for those you don’t need a whole console solution such as the xbox or ps3. Given that apple is not only allowing the controller, but selling it in its own stores is obviously a sign that they are thinking the same thing. Very interesting times ahead in the game space.

What do you think? I for one can’t wait to be able to run around Haradon grinding on dailies without having to touch the screen all the time. Let us know in the comments!

Look for hands on impressions of the device soon.

Update: IGN has a video of it in action over at IGN.COM 

  • 110011100010

    who need this piece of crap

  • WizardFait

    Will Gameloft also be making their games compatible with SixAxisTool on their Android versions along with the addition of the support for this controller?

    • fonseca898

      I hope this leads to native Sixaxis support. I can get through 80% of gameplay using a Dualshock 3 controller. Although I can open/close menus, selecting items and points on map requires touching the screen. It’s frustratingly close to being awesome.

  • frostfox

    I have an xperia play as long as they keep bringing games optimized for it I am happy I am waiting for wildblood that being said …I am not a fan of apple so this isnt a huge thing for me but who wants to carry a controller in their purse ..I love my xp no bulk and already had controller bluetooth lag needed


    This looks Really awesome i would love one but it seems way over priced considering the hundreds of dollars gl has already pulled out my pocket i dont see them pulling out another 80 for this il stick to the screen.

  • y0ca7a

    $79.99 for that peace of plastic … no tnx i will use touch controls 🙂

  • Meh

    Most games on iOS suck compared to PC or platform. Who would wanna spend that much on a stupid joystick for games that blow and barely get updated. Get your knocked off games straight first in terms of development and updates.

  • Di/ineMonk

    Will this be released in New Zealand?

    • Dan

      Mine just arrived today. Amazon ship to New Zealand

  • Bahir

    xD too much money! Who is so an idiot? 20 dollar is ok price!

  • madassht

    80 dollars. Really?!? 80 dollars ptff.i dont like the game that much then

  • dissapointed

    2 AA batteries li-ion is that standard guys………foolish

  • truths

    ya umm… who the fog would pay 79.99$ for something you dont even need

  • Bahir

    OOps sry i thought 80 euro . Ok the Best Price Really is 40 -50 USD . More ist too mutch. Its ok ,but let´s us do not even like this : hihihi the best price is 1 dollar xD . -No its not good Price.

    40 Dollar will be a really good and fair price .

  • 1NZANE

    No Android Support? Can’t believe that Gameloft just supports iOS Devices. 75% of all Smartphones got Android not iOS. Stupid

    • dimkata

      75% of all other devices that are not with ios biach

  • yafukinright

    I know… they’re fucking crazy. $80 for something that cost them 16 cents to make.