Google celebrated 25 Billion app downloads by having a ton of apps available for $.25 on one day sales including Order and Chaos Online on September 29th. This has caused a rush of people coming into the game and we want to know what you think so far?! If you see all these new updates (*cough* Update 7) on the site that aren’t available for you know that we are told they are coming soon. Also how does the game run on your device? We have heard of many issues and would love to make an index of android devices and how the game is compatible.

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  • WizardFait

    Samsung Galaxy S3 US Cellular version. Runs beautifully. Occasionally I’ll get a message that the game has stopped responding even though it’s been closed and rebooted (and yes, removed from the recent tasks list).
    Samsung Mesmerize US Cellular version. Runs well. Occasional slow downs, but minor.

    Both versions I find it occasionally confusing my left and right fingers and placing the movement “stick” on my right thumb, and occasionally doesn’t even detect that I’m trying to turn/rotate the camera with my right thumb.

    Overall, I’m quite satisfied, but I would be happier with a few more of the bugs worked out. 😉

  • bruk

    new user and got into it due to the sale. love the game so far and running on galaxy nexus… runs perfect, no crashes, no problems at all!

  • Michael West

    Im on the HTC EVO shift and the game runs perfect. The only problem im having is when i enter Greenmont the game crashes and every time i try and log on to that character the game crashes as soon as it loads. The only way i can play that character is to use someone elses phone and move that toon out of greenmont…….pls fix this problem.

  • Amcaldwell

    I’ve been playing since June on the HTC Rezound, runs great except for the fact that it crashes when you receive a text message if running on mobile network. Other than that runs very smoothly. Can’t wait for the new update.

  • Crude

    I just bougt a new HTC one X it runs grait but it crashes while texting in game and also when reciving text messages… on my Old phone HTC DesireHD i had the same problem with textmessages but not while texting in game.. is there anything i can do to prevent this!? and please when is the next Android update!!!

  • iHealz

    The game runs great on my Nexus 7 with no issues. The game, however, constantly crashes on my Galaxy Nexus. Even when I’m not playing the game, I get the error message. Please fix!

  • notsatisfied

    Playing on sony xperia p. lags a lot.

  • Schrizzity

    Samsung galaxy s3. New user from the $0.25 sale. Crashes when I receive text messages. Runs great beside.

  • jens

    Hey.. when the new update is out… can u make sure that i can play on my asus transformer infinity?

  • Mystic

    It’s alright, took a little while to find a character I liked and it freezes and crashes alot. I thought it was just my phone but i see others with the same problem, but I’v come to expect that from gameloft though

  • Viktor

    What is the first word of the game this site is about? What answer? I can not register an account!

  • Mosqueado

    And the update for android?

    • D.J.

      i run game with galaxy s3 and have no problems other then lag, but after i reboot my phone it runs good.

    • Kameltoe

      It’s now

  • winapapaul

    Enjoying it, took a while to get into it and lots of frustration trying to work things out. Runs great on my HTC one X despite it crashing occasionally.

  • aymen harba

    gameloft please !! please!! am begging you , we want an update on the android as soon as possible !!!!

    • Kameltoe

      Umm… nobody is begging. Getalife.

  • DAD

    after a discuss with the Support:
    why the Game is not comaptible with new Android Devices?
    Galaxy Tab2 10.1 P5110
    Galaxy Tab2 7
    Gamloft work on that that new Devices are Compatible or no one can buy the Game

  • Darryl William Davis

    New user due to the $0.25 sale. I use the Motorola Droid Bionic. It runs smoothly so far except it crashes when I receive texts, FB Notifications, and sometimes emails. I hope the new update fixes that… I’ve had to turn off FB notifications & place my phone in airplane mode (turning on Wifi afterwards) to stop my texts.

  • Martin Meraz

    I play on my 7inch Galaxy Tab, and it crashes or makes me force to close after recieving a text message. -Vinnysan

    • Yarivdhorst

      I’ve been having the same problem on my Xperia Play for a while now

  • nitesh bhati

    I want to know that when i move my spell or skill in this box or in skill ring which is below the box i can’t see them,spell are working perfectly in the box and the skill ring but the problem is coming to me is that i can’t see the images of spell which i drag in the box or in skill ring and my other problem is that i cant buy runes and gold because i cant see purchase or buy option in that. I’m playing this game on samsung galaxy ace GT-S5830.

  • ozi keri

    Only issue i have is extreme lagg on my prime.

  • supertank

    I’m playing on an optimus elite the game plays fine but my right side box and ability ring doesn’t show the icon, bottom spot on one ring trio shows the icon but that’s it occasional lagg and when humanoids run at low health it often doesn’t show them run away just says enemy not in range, other than that great game

  • Kenneth

    NOTE: i own a samsung galaxy 8,9 tab running on android. And i can tell you the game needs some serious tweaking!!! FPS is VERY low, gamplay is VERY sluggish almost inpossible to play in the open world.It doesn’t run smooth at all. lagging… etc.. it is a damn shame cause the game has GREAT potential!! i contacted support and they just can’t (or won’t do) anything about it?!

    • Kenneth

      New uptade:… Still no improvement in gameplay for android tab users waht so ever?!?

  • fuzzysimba

    New User – Created character without a problem, but quit while loading the game – – using a asus tf 300 running jelly bean on android would love to play the game, been looking for a online for a very long time

  • Barium

    I play on both my motorola Xoom and my Galaxy S3. On Xoom, I’m only able to play easy parts and “administrative” stuff such as buying, selling else it’s laggy and not suitable for dungeons or soul dailies. On my S3, I get some lags but I still can play (reasonably) soul dailies and instances. Unfortunately, and it appended already, if the game starts lagging during instance everyone dies when I play with my monk (which is quite boring to be honest).
    Beside to this, when I read IOS players complaining comments about the new update (#7), I prefer wait and get an optimized code than a “laggy / trashy / stinky” version of the game. Take your time ( but not too much! 🙂 ) and give us a good release!

  • Legend6767

    When will Order and Chaos be 69p on App Store? Someone please reply

    • Dutch_Monk

      im waiting for double xp weekend ^^

  • kscharp

    Does not work on an sony ericcsson experia ray, it boots in, the graphics are smooth but then it just cuts out. It never opens in greenmont. it is a really cool game the little i have been able to play, but would actually like to play it.

  • Peete

    Runs smoothly on Galaxy nexus.
    Crash when i recieve an sms as well

  • Jakester4488

    Need to make it available for atrix2!!!

  • Need Help

    This never happen before. When i was at the loading screen after choosing my character, my phone suddenly turns black and it returns to home. My character is at greenmont currently, handphone: Xperia arc S. Please Help

  • dren

    i don’t know where i can post this but can someone help me cos my character got stuck in a hole can’t get out im somewhere on tears coast along harvest plain near a cemetery. any devs can read this please help.

    • Dutch_Monk

      go to settings > help > break away
      that should work ^^

  • Matt

    The game runs perfectly on my HTC Evo3D and horribly on my ASUS Transformer Prime.

  • Tanya Hahn

    I run it on Samsung Galaxy SII and it runs fine. occasionally I get a bit of a lag, but so does my husband’s Asus tablet (which also seems to run it well). I haven’t had to reboot my phone or anything – after a second or so it starts going on it’s own. There seem to be fewer lags during the day when there doesn’t seem to be as many people online than it does later in the evening. Overall, it was the best app I’ve bought and my husband and I are commpletely addicted to it!

  • madscien1st

    samsung galaxy epic touch 4g 4.04 ics runs perfect for me i rarely lag…

  • Kameltoe

    Yo noobs….get rid of your garbage devices and buy a nexus 7..then come see me (Kameltoe /Skinny) on Android AF server for an a$$ woopin. Take it well and you can join my guild icon. I’m the gm. GAMELOFT….. UPDATE ANDROID SO I CAN OWN THESE NOOBS IN ARENA….STAT! sluts.

    • amethiel

      chalange excepted just let me get the game nd lvl my ass up to rape u and teabag ure corpse……. 😉 probably over confedent but hehe would love to give u a chalange 1 day

  • Justin Gross

    Running Order and Chaos flawlessly on several devices

    Stock Verizon Droid X – system version 4.5.605.MB810.Verizon.en.US – Gingerbread 2.3.3 – Kernel – Build 4.5.1_57_Dx5-35

    Installed on iPad first generation iOS 5.1.1 – Flawless

    Installing now on Sprint HTC Evo Stock Gingerbread 2.3.3 and TMobile LG G2X – P999 stock GB 2.3.4

    Will post again after installation.

  • sayang

    hi, im playing on my samsung galaxy tab 7inch? it worked very well until now, i did the update, and now, everyime i click on the game its opening google play. . even if i prrss open from google play, it wont work. . please fix this as soon as possible. . my only time play its in week end.

    looking forward to a quick fix.


  • Elfinna

    Today i have download the update and install it, and my character was delete :O i have mage at 54lvl… Char name Elfinna, European server. I play on SE Xperia Play, and before today update all was good…. I have a little bit lag but was ok. And now after i update the game not just my char is deleted, i even cannot create a new one!!! Please fix that i have paying for this game and i want to play it! HND

  • Guest

    does run on ainol cheap tablets :/

  • Renato – DeeJay Doop

    doesnt run on ainol cheap tablets :/

  • Mark Evert

    Please make compatible with droid RAZR!!!!!!!

  • Kenenth

    New uptade:… Still no improvement in gameplay for android tab users waht so ever?!?

  • why

    ohh why i download it but my phone didnt see it

  • Julio Cornejo

    Love the game!! Giving up Bahamut and Pocket Legends trilogy for this, I am on a Galaxy S3 with slight lag and on the Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 control glitch/freeze every now and then.

    For the S3, I can be in combat with an enemy and they will disappear and reappear behind me or to the side. I think this is part of the lag. Also when combat ends the target’s corpse sifts from where it was initially killed so you have to scan around to see where it went.

    For the Galaxy Tab 2, the controls will freeze or not respond at all. The scroll wheel where actions are will sometimes be activated by accident and in turn loose morale. This I attribute to the size of the screen and icons as well. When holding the tablet it becomes hard to attempt and shift your thumbs to a vantage point above the wheel to actually use the camera panning properly.

    Recommending for tablets to have a column instead of scroll wheel, the jump icon can still be at the lower right where it currently is. But the action icons can be going up in a single column or double depending on interface management.

    • judofrank

      My galaxy tab 2 10.1 gets garbage frames with this game yet my galaxy s2 phone runs it much smoother. I don’t think this game like s a 10 inch screen size which is such a damn shame

  • Zheninjas

    When subscription will be free? If for next update, then are it going to be for chrismas?

  • Villagelord

    I play it on my Ipad and i don’t have any problems

  • Zaharciuk

    make suport for Xperia P

  • MrCharles

    why does gameloft updates first for iOS and not advertising for ANDROID?

  • Brandon

    I have been playing order and chaos for a while but ever since the big update it only force closes as soon as I open the game on LG Optimus Elite. I love the game I’m sure its just my cheap device but it worked perfectly before on it and I would like to be able to play again. Either way great job Gameloft.

  • Tom

    The game is not available on my Asus transformer infinity and i desperately wish it was. The support for new devices is awful and it limits the number of sales alot. Gameloft need to cover new devices and soon.

    • Steven Queen

      I was able to get it working through a long process and the game runs great on the transformer infinity. They need to just officially support it so infinity users can download it.

      • Keepin it a 100

        Care to share the long process? I desperately want to play it on my Infinity.

  • justin854326

    This game is great. The only problem I have with it is when I select my character the game closes and I am back at my home screen. I am currently using a sony xperia android. Please fix this error so I can enjoy the game.

  • zenday

    Hi. I love this game i play it on my very first ipod 4 when they first can out And on many other phones to but now i have a lg ultimate 2 phone and i cant get it says the version isnt compatible it has 2g ram and 1.2g dual core processor and 5g space so it has more then enough to play i hope it can be fix i really love the game and the modle of the phone is LG L41CV10a and its form straight talk.

  • Ajay

    Doesn’t work on ASUS memo pad me167cx android 5.0 lollipop. “Unfortunately, order and chaos has stopped.”

  • Ajay

    Also I can’t connect to been trying for several days. has some replies claiming it’s been down for several weeks!