Order and Chaos Online

The moment we have been waiting for is here! The largest update that Gameloft has ever done is here and so far its amazing. As soon as we get a chance to spend more time with it we will give you our thoughts and updates. Let us know what you think in the comments and email us at [email protected] with any cool screenshots or thoughts on the update! Below are the changes…What are you reading this for? GO PLAY…sorry android users 🙁

UPDATE: Many users are reporting the servers are going up and down for them. Let us know in the comments. For us it has definitely been spotty, but everything seems ok now.
You asked for it, and now Order & Chaos gives it to you. Join in new Player vs Player arenas and shed the blood of the enemy to claim dominance of the online leaderboards.

Never again pay-to-play. If you’ve downloaded the game, you’re free to adventure to your heart’s content.

Ride into battle faster than ever on the brand new mounts, including: Lions, Stags, Bears, and more!

Venture into new depths of the Lower City and discover the most challenging dungeon yet in Sailen, Part 2.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. There are tons of new quests, items and system refinements waiting within.
Happy adventuring!

New content & features:

• PvP arenas
• Mounts
• Dungeon #4 (Part 2)
• New quests
• New high-level items
• Teleport: 30-day pass
• Kal Wardin costume
• New GL LIVE!

Polish & adjustments 

• Subscription removed
• Russian and Brazilian Portuguese now supported
• New dedicated servers for CN players
• GFX improvements on the biggest devices
• Business skill modification
• Polish of the lottery
• Improved security
• Minor bug fixes

  • blackforest

    does not work. after picking my char the screen goes black and has the background music playing and does nothing.

  • Bouncey

    Same issue black screen after character selection

  • Knight Hawk

    After I pick my character, the screen just stays black with the dial going in the bottom right. I’m assuming I’m not connecting to the server for whatever reason. On a different note, where will I be able to buy mounts, and what do they cost (gold, runes, something else)?

    • Knight Hawk

      Finally connected. The mounts look really cool, but they’re so expensive. But, at least Gameloft gave me 16 runes for my leftover subscription (which I never payed for, I was still running the free three months).

  • stupid gameloft

    Business skill modification is sucks , and server is always down on asia glimmermoore

  • Vanthin

    Servers are down…

  • Sneakbert

    Same here on tear coast

  • Gromislaw/Europe/Hall of Blade

    When i logging i see only black screen. Before that i spend today 200 runes and i cant use teleports and have many many bugs more…

  • Grayback

    Black screen on 2 toons and can’t teleport with silence wings or portal areas……get your stuff right befor e you release an update!

  • Bigbambom


  • Cross474

    Same black screen problem, even after waiting for the que it still goes black.

  • Vanthin

    Lol fail for mount prices

  • Vanthin

    And how much for mounts

  • Erkho

    Like the others, I’m not able to log into server, screen just stays black.

  • Thorstal

    Black screen for a few tries… Got on once. Now I got put in the queue that eventually timed out. I’ll try again later… I was new to the game and loving it, I hope this update doesn’t screw it up.

  • Orlock Ninx

    Lost my old character, made new one and just get black screen, also just bought 6 month subscription yesterday, what happens to the paid months now that it’s free, very annoyed

  • http://www.facebook.com/raynald.j.arseneault Raynald Arseneault Jr

    i cant even choose my caractere won’t log in

  • ess

    im having troubles logging in, after i sign in it says it cant connect :/

  • Pima

    Since the Update was online i only could Login two Times but after few minutest i got stuck in the Location i was at this Moment and couldnt so anything anymore but cant Login again because everytime i Click on go i get a Black screen with the loading icon or i Wait like 30min in Login waiting List till i get that Black Screen too… Realy sad…

  • Troller

    Game Loft, you have gone overboard.. lets see how many people rage quit or hate on you for how much you just scammed us all -.-

  • jade

    at first cant log on to other characters but one and you cant do anything or leave town. other character as stated above goes into a black loading screen and stays there, also the got put in queue. now you cant log in at at all.

  • jojo

    please gameloft put the crafting back to how it was its gotten impossable to level up

  • Your not so happy fan

    I blame the subscription havent even logged in, is ll your fault ceap people 69p my ass.

  • xipil

    the scrreens remaains play after character select and then the games just restarts. I work a full day i just want to come home and play some Chaos and order 🙁 , i’ve reinstalled it, and restarted my ipad, but it stil wont work, please help?

  • Caleb Dotson

    There are still some bugs I see. I was booted without a server maintenence warning and then had to reupdate the app, which I did, and still have not been able to log back in. I’ve been trying for the last hour. Any suggestions?

    • jae

      just wait it out i hope they on it. did it say server maintenence but regardless it got everyone out so should be fixing it hopefully

  • Grumpy

    Servers down?

    • jade

      seems like it. hopefully they working on it now and be on tonight

      • Grumpy

        Yeah also I’ve noticed a lack of admins online/ any real activity in the forums whatsoever…bad signs

  • Allseein

    I was getting a black screen like everyone else but now I can’t even connect! Mad that the haven’t even said anything about it either!!

  • Donobean

    Guys please respond if ur there

  • Donobean

    Let me no if u agree on this

  • http://www.facebook.com/caleb.dotson.315 Caleb Dotson

    Okay well at least it’s not just me. Yeah hopefully they will have the servers back online soon.

  • Donobean

    Next update they should give us guild hotels and the rooms quality would rank on ur rank in the guild also the leader of the guild could give quests

  • http://www.facebook.com/caleb.dotson.315 Caleb Dotson

    Interesting thought Donobean but seems a little sidetracked from main focusses in the game. Like making all items tradable or increasing the level cap.

  • http://www.facebook.com/caleb.dotson.315 Caleb Dotson

    If anyone is able to log in please let the rest of us know. Thanks! ^_^

  • Donobean

    Hey is anyone still there

  • h_pants

    Everyone is complaining but I say kudos on the subscription banishment! I can wait patiently until you fix the bugs. Thanks dudes!

  • Donobean

    Let me no if u agree with me

  • Donobean

    Next update they should make guild hotels where the rooms were ranked on ur rank in the guild and the guild master could make quests also they should make it so u can sleep and day and night cycles

    • elforcnaga

      haha nice but i dont wanna join your guild if your the master hehehe scary.. 1st quest gather 2000 gold for me hehehe

  • Wdwillever

    Where the hell do you get the mounts? I know you get the permits from the dealers, but where do you get the mounts?

  • Marlinia

    Can’t log in to account

    • Marlinia

      Also says connection error 60. I’ve looked online for this and every post has been deleted or removed.

  • Donobean

    True Caleb

  • Donobean

    But it’s still would be awesome

  • http://www.facebook.com/caleb.dotson.315 Caleb Dotson

    lol ya

  • http://www.facebook.com/caleb.dotson.315 Caleb Dotson

    The mounts are easy bro

  • Donobean

    Ok the game is working

  • http://www.facebook.com/caleb.dotson.315 Caleb Dotson

    After you get the quest from the guy standing next to the billboard in front of the Auction House and go talk to the guy near the rune armor dealer, then you’ll get the spell recipe to ride on mounts. You can either spend 2,000 gold on one of the mounts from the dealer or you can spend 99 runes and get a the bear mount.

  • http://www.facebook.com/caleb.dotson.315 Caleb Dotson


  • Jokerxx13

    Can’t log in at all. connection is fine but can’t get past login screen

    • niaroo

      Same with me.

  • Mpoland81

    They need to fix this game now! Also next update should be to get a higher lvl than 60

  • http://www.facebook.com/caleb.dotson.315 Caleb Dotson

    I logged in just fine. So idk what happened for you

  • Niaroo

    I cannot log-in. I’ve has an account since it was first released and now it says I don’t exist? WTF?

  • scarlett1505

    black screen and i don’t know why U.U

  • Sluttybitch

    Stilllllllll none

  • Sluttybitch

    I need to know if I need to restart my iPad

  • Chaotic_duality

    Ok, everyone is complaining.. They mad the subscription null, but mounts cost.. Simple. they still have to make money, so you buy your mount then play for free.. hmmmmm sounds pretty good to me, considering how much WOW costs and we dont pay for updates, we should feel lucky

  • Nevermind

    Servers up and down still. Mounts too expensive, impossible to get. Level 60 Pvp arena only, mount in areans 3000 points black wolf require riding level 3 . That’s 1000 gold. Lol thanks alot gameloft.

  • Dionyzos

    Can login, but cant enter the game. Server Europe – Halls of Blade (nick: Dionyzos)

  • Carbocon

    Today in the morning all was fine, but now black screen after character selection.

  • Marcin

    if u want use wings (teleportation) u have to pay near 30 runes for one month -,-

  • http://www.facebook.com/ElisabethThompson Elisabeth Thompson

    Does anyone know how to skill up crafting now?

    • elforcnaga

      simple, 1 crafted item = 1 business skill point, you need to buy all the basic handbook (that you can buy at your business level and character level) as crafting same items will just contribute points up to certain level

  • amur

    when i log in, the game trys to load and it keeps loading..

  • Gr_Vernik

    Same problem with the screen, pleasedo smth, wanna play

  • prozak

    when will the same features available for android? also, when can we expect the ios-android accounts merge?

  • Kevin

    Lags, Blackscreens, just unplayable…

  • Jessical38

    I seem to be having a black screen issue. I hope that the update with mounts ect is good but for this black screen too go I would enjoy it

  • Picoo

    Hi, from Singapore here. Has been trying to play but it stop loading after every hour. Relogin and stuck after selecting character. So is it worth to put real money into this game?

  • Nala81

    This is the biggest fail in an update that I have ever seen

    • Ralph

      i agree 100%

      • elforcnaga

        omg im just started to play this.. maybe i should go back to my previous mmo game. i missed the simple games and just have chat with virtual friends hehehe.. well this will be improved i believe. thanks for the mount on the other hand

  • Ralph

    I can not believe this company would not have enough servers. Also no communication Very Bad

  • http://twitter.com/iM7ammad Mohammed S. Alazemi

    Good job, Gameloft. This update brought me back to the game. keep up the good work.

  • Jadin

    Getting the black screen and white dial, too. Can’t get the game to play at all. I have tried all the “fixes” and nothing.

  • ‘Epitome’

    Anyone know why is my graphic different from my friend graphic? My friend o&c look like real water and mine still is the sky blue water, any solution?

  • Kyle

    Fix pray plz

  • Heowing

    hola, saben cuando actualizaran en Android, y si pondran la 6 o la 7??????

  • Antoniyo

    Shocked by business skill update! had to make 30 robes to get to intermediate and that was few days of fighting same foes just to get some textile. That part of an update sucks big time!

    • elforcnaga

      they know it … i just hope gameloft knows the law of marginal utility… getting bored of doing same thing over and over at longer period

  • munchies

    I want FOR ANDROID TO BE FREE TO PLAY!!!! Plz:) n thx YOU!

  • Mikey

    how come the update is only for ios and not android?

  • Laura

    Love the game, but wow, so many BUGS! Please fix…..the the ridiculous mount prices. GL what were you thinking! Server offline on and off all day!

  • elfie

    pls bring back the old crafting system, i am feeling so disappointed and lost..from a new player

  • Rblast

    Wtf impossible crafting system!!!!! Now who wants to craft 500 items, no old players complain about this cause they already have full stats on crafting already, like seriously have common sense it’s like leveling to 60 that’s how much time it will take to get m crafting to 500..!!!

    • elforcnaga

      leveling up to 60 is faster i think lol… order and craft!

  • Your not so happy fan.

    This is a fucken disgrace to gameloft they think they can make everything better instead they make everything shittier, whoever is incharge with the changes should start thinking straight instead of making shit up without even testing it first, i mean serously who the fuck thinks this update is great. Everything is messed up and everything gets more and more retarded by each day. Bring back at least the crafting back to normal and stop making stupid updates without having a second thoughts and testing it your self.

  • kidsondrugs

    I hate the new Job System. I dont want to collect 15000 Ores or buy it for 2000 Gold for Master Blacksmith. Please patch it, th eold System was good.

  • fuk ios

    Bwuhahaha! That’s what they get for pampering the ios users and never giving the android users the anniversary update. bwuahaha! Carma bitch.

  • CeSa

    crafting not good, so difficult to get 500 of business point.

  • Jistin

    last 15 points of business skill is very very very very very hard,

  • cesa

    WTF last 15 points of business is impossible to get, use a lot of general symbol..for what?..stupid update not fair for new player.

  • Shit

    Stupid crafting system. It’s impossible to get to 500 point damn!!

  • Adrian Baranowski

    I have black screen after license check 🙁 im buy O&C today and cant play ffs

  • shit

    fucking crafting system it’s impossible to get 500 points.not fair for new player fukkkk

  • kwin

    wtf new crafting system, stupid update.how to find a lot of general symbol for last 15 points crafting? it’s impossible. so stupid gameloft.

  • Els

    fucking gameloft.carfting system very very very very very very very very very very very very hard. last 15 point of business skill must use a lot of general symbols. one server drop by 1 boss born in 2 hrs after killed. it’s impossible to get 500 point. fucking update. stupid developer team. very poor customer service. very poor update. in game got a lot of bug some bug no repair. What The Fuck GAMELOFT!!!!

    • CeSa

      I strongly agree with this comment. Fucking GameLoft

  • bk

    Why isnt order and chaos for android being update and if is can someone tell me when pleasee

    • madscienist2

      wanna mount but im android also i have heard nothin like we r lect to suffer.

  • Caca_Cookie

    YES NO PAYING AGAIN ive payed over 50 dollars playing this game.

  • http://www.facebook.com/vinnykuns Martin Meraz

    I have a black screen, hurry up and fix it, im scared it will rob me and eat all my watermelons

  • Seth27103

    It still says to get a subscription…

  • dreamz

    this is bull shit when is this coming for android

  • msf

    I just redownloaded the game on my kindle fire. I had deleted it to clear space, but now I want to play it again. It starts fine, but when I put in the username and password (I know they are correct, I even reset my password to make sure) it just sits there connecting for long periods of time. Does anyone know why, or how to fix it?

  • MSF

    Whenever I try to log in, it sits there connecting for long periods of time. My wifi is fine, and I even had my password reset so I know it is correct. Does anyone know what is going on? I can’t even get to the character screen.

  • mdNh

    I heard that GameLoft online servers are offline until 18 December.. Is it true or false.. i don’t know.. we’ll see btw same problem here, talking about the “No Internet Connection Available…….”

  • notconnecting!

    not connecting
    just says connecting…connecting…connecting…
    tmobilenote2 over carrier network

  • Lance

    why does my account keep saying username doest not exist, when i was perfectly playing yesterday?