The new update is only a day old, but players are finding some of the pricing changes to be very frustrating. The biggest complaint seems to be the 2000g or 99 runes mount pricing, which is extremely high according to most people. It would seem that losing the subscription fee is making Gameloft increase the price for desirable perks to make up for the lost revenue. This is an issue for many PC MMO’s that go free to play. Often it takes a little time for a company to find the grinding required to amount paid in real money ratio correct. At first blush this 2000g – $15 US in runes seems a bit extreme.  What do you think fair pricing should be? Let us know in the comments.

  • Bigbjbryce

    Look at WoW the mount prices r only around 20g for the first ones, on OnC they should be at most 100g

  • monsterbibiz

    99 runes or 2000 gold.that’s the equivalent of 15 dollars bought in rune store Or 200 dollars bought in gold store. FAIL in mount prices. rune wise it should be at least 5 dollars worth.around 50 runes would be acceptable. or 1200g.

  • YouInowWhatIMean

    2k is too much…but it shouldnt be too cheap, too, because not everyone should have, but these who really did sth for their mount…so i would say about 600g would be okay

  • Emily N Match Fung

    Shit server, waste my time, was playing new dungeon, never can finish because server keep disconnect, when login back, dungeon renew, break my heart.never fix problem, pvp arena many many bug, ppl run speed like super man………..2000g for mount? I was never over 1000g in my bag, very disappoint

  • Nala81

    They really need to fix the bugs I am trying to find a new game to play.

  • MaxBeta

    if the prices of the mounts do get lowered,will people who already bought mounts get a refund of the money difference? i think alot of people would like this question answered.

    • Emil Efendulov

      Don’t count on anyone buying one. I personally have 2.2k gold but i’d never waste it all for a mount.

      • Stewie

        speak for yourself dude many ppl have bought mounts of 2k and runes mount

  • Donobean

    100 gold

  • Donobean

    Who agrees the prices should be 50g -100g

  • Donobean

    Say I if u do

  • Ghoulest

    the money system has been jacked up…the real problem. Runes only exist with real money purchase. You can acquire soul stones from daily quest but not runes. the game should allow a conversion 10 soul stones equal one rune. Make it obtainable for all. it will alleviate itunes card scams. Also why does game force you into a profession which only benefits you. You should be capable of creating original rune set other than RKL dungeon set or real money purchase. And ability to craft special blue and epic items to auction or trade.

    • Gest

      This is actually a really good idea 🙂

  • Spartoz

    50-100g Max500g

  • elfwarden

    i guess it should be 500-1000 gold… 2000gold is weird as in, is this the end of this game? a 2000 gold mount should something extremely rare and goddess.. you know what i mean..

  • Marton

    50-100g, 3-5 dollars

  • y0ca7a

    PVP Balance its fucked now …. The dungeons are too hard for players whit no full epic sets how the non full epic players can get essense …. only rune 😀 and after getting rune for essense and craft the full epic set for what to go in dungeon…. nothing. Mobs are to strong know cannot farming for gold like before. The Mount prices must be max 300-500 gold for Mount and skill to ride a Mount.

  • MaxBeta

    I Agree with 50 to 100 gold

  • Psycho

    100g should be the price for mounts, so its like this if we dont pay to play you put fucking insane prices to get stuff like mounts, id rather keep paying the monthly fee and have reasonable prices for stuff in game

    • Marya Clare Predko Brown

      Yes! F**king Yes!!! 100g is very reasonable, they lowered the price of mounts From 1999g to 999g…Who the F**k makes that without spending rl money, huh? 100g would be perfect;D

  • Cesar Lopez

    Was looking forward to mounts more than pvp, and was HIGHLY disappointed when I saw the prices! Sure u can use runes but who wants to spend $125 for 99 runes or you can use souls 900 of them, again who has 900 souls that would take some time. Once again disappointed was looking at maybe 500 g or 1000 for epic mounts!

  • Rod J. Dufour

    Everything is fine get your lazy behinds out there and farm God!!!!! Bunch of cry babies.

  • Knight Hawk

    The mount prices are horrible. When I first discovered they were going to do mounts, I started saving gold so I could by one (I sold so much stuff and auctioned a ton of stuff) assuming they would probably be only 100 gold. At 2000, I will almost never be able to buy one. I really hope they will have some kind of sale on mounts one day.

  • yosuhiro

    gameloft.. please stop being a d,,, make game fun and senceful, not irritating and too much high priced,,, serious, one quest gives about 3-4g at max, you expect us to collect thousad of gold ?? please make things cheap cause or else people will find it hard n you will not be much popular..
    more importantly, about rare drops… they are supposed to be rare, not EXTINCT, i looked for wall of honor, killed about 250-400 humanoid, still no wall of honor.. ? or other stuffs… -_-

  • Mexis

    I think that can be 200 – 600 that be good.

  • Ian Moone

    I baught one but they should remain the same price. If the price were to go down by 500g thats reasonable but wat would happen to the people who baught one already which is most of the AF server

  • Hy Man

    outraging and ridiculous price. 500g max

  • orc

    100g maximum

  • Grex

    Now its get too expensive for me and without sense… Sooo many real money or months of farming for one thing. I’m out – prefer to wait for other mmorpg with more reasonable prices.

  • Солнышко

    я считаю, что нужно было немного подешевле поставить цену маунтам. очень дорогой особенно для новых персов. Хотя бы 500-700 голд.

  • Blargo


  • Blargo

    Also please fix the arena bug and king elemental problem i wasted 3 hours just to get a shield from him and you ow me one becuase your updates almost ruined the game with bugs and stupid ways of improving the game (for example the daily quest for soul has change differently ) which is the most retarded update i ever encounter in the game reduceing it to more dongeon which is more harder and cost more gold. So pretty much your update DID ruined most of the game with this pathetic update.

    • Moritz Burmester

      artex please respond 🙁 find me on facebook under Moritz Butmester (cat picture)

  • Morck

    Comparando lo que se puede conseguir en oro con lo que cuestan, es exagerado, y mas si van a poner mas monturas el dia de mañana, para empezar con algo razonable, mas que nada por la curiosidad de llevar una montura, base, no mas de 30/50 oros, 10/20 runas, si ya es alguna de mejor lv subir 100/200 oros 50/70 runas…y así en adelante. Esta claro que han miedo mas por el diner que por los jugadores. Espero cambie pronto!

  • Jacenx

    Normal mount price should be between 80 and 100 g, keep the rune mount at the same price so that it becomes and “elite” mount, I think its stupid that one of the coolest looking mounts (Eristar Bear Spirit or whatever) is the most common and a plain old deer is more rare. Also fix crafting, its ridiculously hard now.

  • Marco Gracia

    590g max, the mounts are so slow only 20% speed

  • MaxBeta

    in my opinion,gameloft and other companies should have opened a forum asking for the users opinions,and finding a reasonable solution to things like prices therefore avoiding future problems.
    Like a democracy,
    after all,there is an economy in these games too with real world like problems.
    just a thought.

  • Bigbambom


  • dsadsa

    pvp arena sux … assa vs tank no chance assa to win

  • jeez

    so im totally lost… im on android and i dont see mounts am i missing something or is it not update for android yet…

    • Jan

      It’s only for IOS yet.

  • Dragon

    500g to 1000g. It may seems better for all.

  • Striker82

    Been playing this since the beginning and was excited about the new update but to be honest it’s amassive let down and these are the reasons why
    1.mounts are way to expensive 2000 g come on should be normal mount 60 g and epic mount 500 g but. Think 90 runes is fair and good price
    2 pvp is great but bugged to heal there the speed glitch where u run at super man speeds and the wall glitch where u can hide in the walls and hit the enemy and lagg is awful at the moment
    3 not being able to teleport and always getting stuck and being summoned and as u appear not being able to see anyone
    4 server keeps on crashing so if was in dungeon would have to keep on starting all over again
    5 what have use done to the dungeons I am full epic 6/6 +3 tank and always play a epic team firstly pray does not work any more plz fix and the dragon in etl is impossible now 999999999 damage and gsl and spl last boss impossible plz fix or give us better armour sets.but as I know kpl and rkl are harder but u have the right balance and are achieveable
    6 drops rates are awful for epic gear if u kill the last boss believe epics should drop more regally

    And I think that’s it these are all the problems I think still think this is a great game but plz fix issues or evening annoyance u are fixing this so we know because other wise I do tru ally think a lot of people will quit and I know of loads of have quit thank you

  • Xarpo

    I lost a 1400g item in auction house during update. What can I do?

  • Deekay

    100g would be perfect!

  • frostfox

    I think it is a game of math mounts shouldnt be more really then a months sub. I also play EverQuest. And the month sub is 15 bucks if you are a gold member the average mount ( some are farm frim game and do not cost money in rl) that you buy is 15 dollars as well ..I paid for this game 3 dollars for six months great price for a mmo but why would I buy a vanity item for more then I played the game ..honestly there are those who yes have the money and will but they stand to make so much more by lowering the price to something reasonable ..I wouldnt think anything over two dollars real money is reasonable. So yeah at most 100 gold or 20 runes …it just isnt realistic to think people will pay 15 dollars to 200 dollars for a vanity item on a free to play phone game

  • Kyle

    Wow everyone crys so much just save up your gold but fix the problem with pray please.

  • my turn

    I would agree with most players, the mounts are abit over priced specially the 2000g one’s.
    i think the rune mounts should be 90 runes not 99.. you gotta pay like $15 for 95 runes for level 60 gear, mounts should be same as that.

  • Dutch_Orc

    Dont make them to cheap
    Somewhere around 500 gold would be great 🙂

  • a

    Nobody talking about the ability to use all the mounts for the 99 runes we paid already?!? this is a shame I want to ride on Lion not a bear and I will not pay 99 runes more!!! and what about the mounts skills? i paid 100GOLD for skill 2 for what? no speed or stability improvements made (BTW what does stability gain for my mage?) and the future price for riding skill 3 is 1000GOLD?!? are you crazy out there GM? what does skill #3 is for? why it is so expensive? why you don’t add details for any purchase in the game? please someone reply…

    • a

      and one more thing… I lost a lot of GOLD during combat when servers failures occur (after the last update) do you think GM is about to refund this GOLD?!?

  • Gooseboxer

    Just fix my monks goddamm prayer. And if mounts are made cheaper, refund my gold!!

  • Bloodheart
  • Bloodheart
  • Zeph


  • XtraTaco

    i think it should depend on the mount. if its a good looking mount jack the price up if its a starter mount lower the price doen. And also you should add mounts as a boss drop with not so rare mounts as a common drop and the more rare ones the lower the drop chance. 🙂

  • DISTAnces

    i would say the prices should be from 500g up to 1.5k or 2k gold…. so that everyone can have one, after a little time… not so fuckin high.

  • BeastUsername

    I bought game and had 17 dollars left in itunes card.. So i bought $15 worth of runes then only had 95 runes… Go to buy a dollar worth of runes because thats all i had left and of coarse there is nothing but $1.99 ( Handful of runes)… Why not make it so the $15 = 100 runes since people want mounts insted of paying $20+ to get a mount. And dont get me started on the price of gold… $100 for 100g………

  • Angevoi

    100g would be fine

  • Servatis

    Okay 2000g does not translate to 15us $! LOL!
    Do the math. If you translate their highest purchase of gold it turns into .50$ cents/1gold.
    Okay, 2000 gold = 1000$(THOUSAND!!) US dollars for a single in game item. Fuck that. Even if I didn’t buy all my gold, and came across 2000 gold in game, I’d sell it and make my own profit before spending it on a fucking thousand us dollar mount.

    • frostfox

      I didnt say they were I was talking about everquest but if you go by runes onstead of gold thst would be aprox their cost. For gold yes it is much higher

  • Uyt

    500 gold for mount is good. Allow people to use runes to buy souls. Increase arena points to 600 per day. Have a shop where people can buy epics for gold or runes. It will prevent auction house outrage prices. Some people buy then resale . Wipe out ah then ur stuck buyingnthere high priced stuff.
    And let people get other mounts if they want. Make a transform mount guy. Allow mounts to get tatoos
    The biggest complaint is the high price mounts, yet what have u done ? Make a sale on runes? That’s not good enough.

  • [email protected]

    50 – 100 will be excellent

  • Moloche

    The thing that grinds my gears is the fact that Gameloft really thinks their “gold” is worth 1 USD per, so in essence, they think their mounts are worth 2000 USD. To me, for any game, that’s outrageous. I personally think the price should be dropped to about 500g and even then that would be pushing it. The 99 runes should be more like 30. Yes, some people can say that 15 bucks is not a lot of money, but really, this day and age, with the economy the way it is, it really IS a lot of money for a game. Because if you have four characters and you want all of them to have mounts, that would be 60 USD or 8000 in game Gold. It’s not just a bit extreme, it’s ridiculous. I personally, have wasted too much money on this game, I came to this game for a cheap MMO that looked semi-decent, if I wanted to get shafted and robbed outright, I’d just go back to WoW.

    • Harsh4125

      Nice speech I totally agree

  • Latura

    Agree with most,100 to 300 at the most Anything else is terribly unfair. Even price mounts at degrees so you can upgrade to a better mount if you wish. Better mounts have more perks that come with them.

  • Wdwillever

    2000G is way too much. I would rather pay for subscription than outlandish mount prices. Also lower the prices for mount lisences. Make it gold instead of runes, or add the ability to at least earn runes in the game.

  • Brando 12

    Does any body have a server error when he go to store to buy some gold

  • WorlofWarcraftTheWayToGo

    Screw you gameloft. Treat your customers like crap. Greedy entrepeneurs -_-

    • Illusia

      Learn to spell.

  • SinFear

    I am very frustrated. I have purchased a lot of runes but when i go to buy a mount it only shows the gold price of 1999 and no option for runes. Is this a glitch? Also, to add to his frustraion im stuck in the fountain up the top over looking the arena in GreenMont… Nice…. ugh.

  • SinFear

    And sorry to add, i do find the 1999 gold too high (but i have been playing a week and a lvl 21) if however you get higher and earn more gold making it more easy to get to your goal of 1999 then it might be ok. But pls show me how to to purchase in rune!!!!!

  • valenciajv

    Keep the subscription fee the same. I came from World of Warcraft to Order & Chaos because of the price. Thank God its not $14.99 a month to play. I would stop playing already if it was around that price. The price of mount should vary between 25g – 500g and extremely rare ones 1000g or just a bit higher than 500g. Some mounts should be free for those who just started the game and that they should do a certain quest to obtain them. Please keep in mind that a lot of us love to play this game without paying money to gain extra gold or runes. Like me. I do not mind paying the monthly fee. I play on the macbook pro. Thank you.

  • O&C


  • Rblast

    The new crafting system has got to go level 60s with full crafting stats aren’t complaining about this so I’ll be the one, what is the deal with crafting more than 500 items this is what I really want to be doing for hours upon hours collecting materials… -_- really Gameloft have logic this is not world of Warcraft this is a handheld game, no one wants to spend there lives on this game for that much time and your not even done after that you still need to get crafting recipes hurray :-/ now isn’t that just fun I know you guys have a lot on your plate right now but just please take these words into consideration i would not wanna have to spend as much time as it took to level to 60 to get my rank to 500.

  • obey

    I think the new prices are way to big! It would be reasonable if there was a noticable difference between species of mounts, speedswise or something. But a 1000G for a basic mount is just way to much, in my opinion.

  • Predatoreus

    100 gold, max is 300

  • gtb

    Plus what about this of us who paid for a full year right before the change. Now we get no added benefit for having paid and we have to pay ridiculous sums on top of this just to have more interesting characters. Not to mention that for some reason now only about 40% of mobs are dropping anything at all. Before at least anything that you killed had some inherent value or item drop.
    I also got the online version to compliment my iPhone only to find out that they are not compatible even though they are on the same account.

  • Tattycoram

    I agree that 2000 gold is high but I’m not concerned because it is mainly a vanity item, correct? No combat buff? Given the prices of other items in Auction House, I would say 500g might be fair. I would prefer to see GL put effort into fixing the bugs (broken quests, glitched enemies, server crashes, etc).

    My main issue with the update was the change to the crafting system. I have two level 60 characters, both of whom had hit Master crafting. One of them had crafted two epic master items, and the other had not crafted anything master/epic yet. The one who had crafted a couple of epics was given 500 craft points (the max) but the other was given only 400 (entry level master). But you have to have 500 to craft epics. So I have been grinding like crazy, buying, and begging my guild mates, for the matted gold ore I need just to get her to 500 so she can craft her epics, and I’m only halfway there after two weeks.

    The amount of material it takes to craft is just way too much. It takes more than a full stack of ore to make one item. You only get one crafting point per, it seems, about one and half items you craft. And it forces me to upgrade to a higher recipe that takes more ore, so I don’t know if by the end of this it will take two or more stacks of ore for less than one crafting point. Just to be clear, I’m estimating at current rates (not counting and increase per recipe that I still might get hit with) that’s somewhere around 4,000 ore pieces. Say you collect on average 2 bits of ore per pick (sometimes you get three but sometimes you get only one), that’s nearly 2,000 pickings of ore.

    What does that mean in time/hours of play? Let’s be generous to GL and say you pick ore while you are doing other things anyway. Say it takes you three seconds to run to and pick the ore, that’s over 100 HOURS of ore picking AFTER you hit master, to max out your master to get to epics. I’m not even calculating the time it might take to kill something that’s in the way, or run around just trying to find the ore, or teleport back and forth to your storage bin and greenmont (where you have to pick up new recipes) because you can’t store much of that ore at once no mattter how much you’ve paid to expand your back and storage box. I can’t even imagine starting a new character right now if the lower level crafting is nearly as hard. And of course, this is just the ore, not counting the armor scraps, symbols, flux, etc.

    I’m just estimating here and I believe the ore and time involved it might actually be significantly higher than this. If GL wanted to make the crafting a bit harder, they should have thought about what a reasonable person would collect, if they were very diligent and willing to trade for other items, each time they leveled up on an map. I don’t think its fair to add a minimum of 100 hours of additional work per map just for the crafting levels.

    • ellforcnaga

      i am just logging in to craft lol… order and craft.. sorry im just stress of this game hahaha… i though playing games can leash ur stress ..well well.. lets leash it here for them to know.. hope their listening..

  • Shinigai

    Lol, guys this is a game.. yes 2000 gold is alot.. but if it was 100g where would the challenge be?
    You don’t have to buy runes, you can farm and quest (dailies) to get to that in 1 week tops.
    If they would lower the prices to 50-100 then every1 has a mount.. where is the fun then.. it’s like giving lava weapons for 100 souls.

    Ps: i don’t have a mount, but will farm one.

  • elforcnaga

    i agree to tatty, main issue is the crafting sytem!

  • elforcnaga

    did gameloft tested the new update for crafting system? they should try to level their business skills too. mount is 1000 gold fair.

  • Invincible1903

    I hate the new Job System. I dont want to collect 15000 Ores or buy it for 2000 Gold. Please patch it, th eold System was good.

  • TheInvincible

    I hate the new Job System. I dont want to collect 15000 Ores or buy it for 2000 Gold for Master Blacksmith. Please patch it, th eold System was good.

  • Matthew

    Reinstate subscription fees and dramatically lower the cost for mounts. Remove buying gold and runes. Just charge a $5 or $10 subscription fee, or whatever you find to be profitable. As others are seeing, 2,000gold for a 20% speed increase is a joke and insulting. We are HUMAN BEINGS, not animals, you assholes.

  • Matthew

    Don’t forget… if it wasn’t for us paying and playing, you wouldn’t exist, Gameloft. Get your stuff together. We are your very livelihood and the reason for your success.

  • Predator

    100-500 gold, you could make special pets cost more but i would say the basic mounts should be around 400 gold

  • JohnVaradero

    Why u all are crying cause of the mount prices? Are u that poor? It would have been boring if any noob would be able to buy one mount. This game needs high level content more than anything else,,and the earn 2000g is a nice challenge.

  • Beviamp

    I would say atleast 100-200g for mounts its ridicoulous we have to pay out the butt and realize, oh god, F the mount cause its to expensive your better off just taking the whole mount update completely since no one can ever afford it except for the farming wizards or rich folks. its pointless to buy a mount and spend ALL of your gold that you worked extremely hard for, its pointless,Id rather walk to my places and still be able to salvage and save all of my gold that I had worked EXTREMLY hard for.

  • Lukas

    The game should become back a “role playing game”, where you can’t convert real money into game money. So if you need a mount, it should be possible to buy it from the money you became out of crafting or out of combat drops. The price sould be in the correct relation to weapons or things to eat. The reason we play order and chaos is, that we want to make rpg!

  • Jahamed Mohamed

    20-50 seems reasonable for common mounts, 100-150 for semi rare, 200-250 for rare, and 300-350 for very rare mounts. 1000g is sheer stupidity. This is now a Free to play game, if the prices are not set to be accessable or reasonable to the new player then at least there are a multitude of other free to play MMO’s to go to. I just started playing two days ago and was like WTF? Until this gets fixed I’ll just stick with Celtic heroes or Pocket legends.

    • Stewie

      go ahead lol no one give a shit

  • Heraclius

    Why we cannot buy soul with a real money??? If can, it will good for gameloft because all people need soul, not rune or gold !

    • Mui

      Lol dude,we still need runes to buy ess of saithien for t2 set epic

  • Chimmychonga

    lower the prices already!! I have waited 3 weeks! Yall crazy in the first place making the prices that high! 500g us fair

  • MelissaC

    99 runes? I’ve failed to find where you could purchase a mount for runes. Or is this only available to US?

  • Achex

    I think 200 g is a fair price!

  • dracko

    ami se me aria bien que las monturas costaran de 500g a 1000g cuando mucho ya que es demasiado dificil conseguir tanto oro

  • Komment

    2000g are ok! mounts are only for pro-players!

    • Stewie

      agree lol all this comments of 100 g are from noobs and kids i bet

  • Zeno

    I played o&c more thana year and i LIKED it so much but now the game is so impossible i mean i played this game for my pleasure not to waste more than 100 houres to get almost nothing 🙁

    GL 1 thing
    Cmon you guys can do better !!!

  • Revo Chx

    i believe u should go ftp is fair that players will play like this

  • LTernis

    The price is to high , i think that 100g is fair price :)))

    • Stewie

      keep dreaming on that lol

  • xxmodnaRxx

    Lol… if I’m understanding this correctly then it’s 15$ for a permanent mount? If so, people, shut up, sit down, and stop whining. I don’t know anything about this game, but I’ve played many mmo’s in my day, and I’d say that if the mount is permanent then 15$ US may be a few dollars too high, but it’s definitely reasonable. You expect to pay only a few dollars for something you’ll have forever? Stop complaining. Now if it’s not permanent I wouldn’t even waste my money.

  • ShamingTCserver

    i have bought a mount with gold yes 2,000 gold and for what? they arnt even that fast… my mage with wind walker on can run faster then green mounts! make them faster, and i think a reasonable price is 500-1,000 gold for a mount

  • Martin Meraz

    LF a leprechaun. I’ve already shook down all the midgets and short people I know. Guess it takes a real leprechaun to get a pot of gold.

  • sergioskaaa

    i say 500G is good price!! and we should be able to buy souls!

    • Lizard

      yeh i agree, pls sell souls stone too

  • Fellina

    Gameloft obviously needs to generate income without pricing out would be new subscribers. I think people are getting tired of the “purchased success” theme available in the app store. Why not use a trial period with purchase and subscription type model similar to wow’s? I’m new to the game and I’m loving it, but was a bit perturbed by the mount pricing which lead me here. A free trial to level 15 would have been plenty to let me know the game was worth purchasing and playing, and a monthly subscription fee wouldn’t be unreasonable either as maintaining servers and developing new content is an ongoing expense on Gameloft’s end. IMO it’s unfair to just say the in game price of items should be such and such, keep in mind Gameloft is a business and needing to generate income. Maybe they’ve done extensive research and have decided a business model where 5% of the player base provides 95% of their income is the best way to go.

  • Rached

    I find 500 g fair for the mounts.

  • Amish Gamer

    2000g gold is not high…
    reason AH price people set is very high.. expecially for rare Recepies they sometimes go
    for 500g per Recepy. for a single upgrade..of eq..

  • guest

    100 gold

  • Bahir

    200 g= 120 dollar. 200g x 10= 2000g 120 dollar x 10= 1200 dollar for a mount???? !!!!!! Its too expenicive

  • Bahir

    100- 500 g is the best price!

    • Jona1999

      When are they changing the prices

      • Stewie

        never lol this retard are saying there opinion which gameloft dont give a shit no offense
        you really think gameloft will put 100 g for a mount lol give me a break

  • lordspector

    such whingers…..either dont want to pay subscription then dont want to pay for mountswhatever.gameloft is a company that beess to make money.if u dont want to pay for a highend game and pay something for it buy an n64 and play super mario

  • Nick

    SOMEONE HELP ME PLEASE! I saved all my money for riding skill 3 and the appearance of my sand wolf didn’t change!? My friend got it for his bear mount and it got awesome armor?! Is there new update with armor for sand wolf? Let me know thanks.

  • Stopcrying

    If everyone has a mount then what fun is that. Yay a lv10 has a mount. 100g is easy gold. 2000 is reasonable. Mounts are to show off and to be a luxery. Keep the price. Let these idiots cry. I cant afford a mount, but i understand the price. 2000 minumun. Raise it for all i care

  • Predatoreus

    I agree that not everyone should have a mount and that Gameloft will make battle mounts but 2000 gold is a little too much. I would say 400-600 is an OK price. If Gameloft can’t make this happen I would say that there should be not to hard and not too easy quest where you can get a descent mount to start with and then you start saving for other mounts.

  • Lacaya

    So if you don’t want to spend the ungodly hours grinding to obtain the 2k gold required for a mount, you can buy gold or runes… Which equals to roughly $15 for runes or $1200 for gold? On what planet would someone pay $1200 for any in app purchase? I guess I just can’t comprehend gamelofts reason behind charging so much for gold. I mean if they actually want people to buy stuff so they could make money, wouldn’t it make sense to price stuff where someone might actually buy it? Guess I will be walking!

  • Nic_Maclellan

    It should be 300- 400 gold

  • ALEX

    2000!! WTF

  • GFBen

    2000g is way to much maybe max 350g , gameloft is just trying to make money a different way instead of subscription

  • Lacu89

    15gold or 10 rujes

  • Lacu

    2000g or 99 runes are just out of sense. It should be like in other games like wow where the trainning costs like 20gold and mounts like 10 gold. Or 20 runes

  • tyler

    I feel strongly that $15.00 is waaaayy too much for a mount. It’s just a game. it costs nothing for gameloft to have it’s server generate some lines of code to give you a mount.(besides maintenance fees ie.: electricity, servers, Gameloft staff, etc)… Besides, the game itself already costs more than enough. I believe that GL should buck up and offer these things for MUCH cheaper, like $0.99 – $2.99MAX. It’s a competitive game at heart but that completely breaks down when someone happens to have a credit card and a bit of extra cash; There’s no skill involved at that point, it all comes down to who’s prepared to pay the most to Gameloft to be the best. In comparison, wouldn’t it be great to pay a couple thousand dollars and somehow become an A-List celebrity? Just saying…

    otherwise, great game! Good job copying blizzard’s intellectual property! highly commendable

  • tajtime101

    in Australia, 2000 gold = about $1600. The price of an ipad is $500, the price of the most expensive app is $300. I’ve spent $1.99 on this game, that’s all I’m gonna spend. I GOTTA CUTIE WUTIE PANDA BEAR!!!!! :O. Add me to friends.

  • Whitepower

    How bout free?

  • Cory Jenkins

    If you make a game free to play, keep it free to play. The prices are rediculously high attaining a mount through buying it is surely a feat but frankly. I get tired of walking slowly along the entire world. Reaching level twenty and it finally being available sent excitement through me, shortly crushed after seeing the price. Now level capped. Still no mount.

  • Bahir

    The best price ist 200- 500 gold. And there should be more mounts. Like A Tiger ! Tiger is a good Example . And guys how to look the new Mount in Sailen EndBoss drop?

  • Kyle

    Crafting system is stupid hard

  • poeper


  • xStandAloneX

    League of legends is has a massive community and has what I consider fair pricing. I’ve spent a lot of money with them because I feel I’m getting a fair price on items, skins, boosts, ect. I’ve purchased things I normally don’t buy in games like xp and ip boosts because of the pricing; and from what I understand that company is doing pretty well.

  • hondje

    i would rather pay 2000g for a mount that paying montly fee i would quit the game instantly if they did

  • Nick

    Mounts are something you don’t need. But every gamer wants to be able to ride on something or go faster, that’s the point of mounts. But the price is too high,although I do find it great you guys are thinking of such things but its time to listen to the players. How about this, lower the land mounts then add flying mounts and make those 2K. Because I am telling every MMORPG gamer wants a flying mount. So make those 2K and make land mounts say 50-500G. That’s what I ask of you. Because they way games are selling iap are crazy and a rip off. S please next update add those lovely flying mounts. And make sure there’s a huge variety of land,and air mounts. And at least get gold easy to obtain at least a little! Okay so yes I bet everyone reading this agress.


  • Nick

    Tis is what you should consider.. I love that you guys added mounts,but their too expensive. Keep the subscription off,seeing its gaining more people,then add to where in app purchases are cheaper and of course lower land mounts……..

    Get ready for this bomb game loft. Add FLYING MIOUNTS MAKE THOSE 2k or 3k idc

    But make land mounts 50-500 gold. Oh and remember



  • hiddelvl60archer

    I think the prices are good because if they make if cheaper a mount is not exclusive anymore.

  • bubu

    O my God…… I payed till the end of 2013 subscription and instead to get it for free I have to pay 2000 game gold….it’s outrageous….. Might as well make it 4000 I’ll play till 2200 to raise the money…

  • Atonius

    Well lets do math…99 dollars of real money equal 150 game gold…. if you guys want a mount for 500 gold thats almost 400 dollars for 1 mount… where as 14.99 gets you 95 gems but the mount cost 99gems so you still miss out.. there has got to be a cheaper wa to get a beginning mounts.


    seriously the mount price need to revised even though new patch 2.0.0 reduced to 999g, gameloft it still damn expenisve!!! also riding permit, make it farming capable from some specific mobs. not entirely only your money-minded store!!!!

  • Prixie

    50g for less cool mounts, 100g+ for medium, and around 500 for the expensive ones.

    That will make you keep players, im NOT going to pay monthly if im going to pay 15$+ to get a,mount.

  • asdfasdfasdfasdf

    2k is way to much for mounts especially since all they do is raise your speed a bit i would only pay 100 gold max.

  • james

    someone gave me a black chinchilla for free and i am undead what the fuq im not spending money on extra overpriced runes wdf

  • XxSpartanxX

    thing is,android users are loading with gold…im lvl 70 sin/mili/tank and i got over 200,000 gold 🙂

  • James Ross

    connection error when ever i try to buy runes! pls fix this.

  • markeyboy92

    Something as needed as a mount should be affordable once u hit the level requirement this game is cool because it’s like wow but the economy sucks because of Gamelofts greedy purchases and perks people get who waste the money is unfair I’d rather pay a monthly fee of$10-$15 and get rid of in app purchases then the game would be enjoyable

  • proe34

    999g is too high

  • Amanda82

    I have always believed that any “free game” should be free but if a company is going to require in-app purchasing there should be a monetary cap per player for example “billy joe has spent a total of $65 on in-app purchasing the next time he signs into the game gaining gold or other game related money should be easy. A level 6 bear he killed prior to his reqired $65 only dumped 12 copper that same level 6 bear after he reaches the cap drops a rune or 1gold.” These companies make more money than most people realize. Knew a guy who spent $500 US per month on in-app purchasing and that was just one person there is bound to be more. Its simple level 20 player should receive a free mount and all that goes with it. NO MOUNT SHOULD EVER COST MORE THAN $100GOLD

  • Skyria

    Yes i bought a chinchilla for 999 gold and now they change it! Now everyone says your mount is cheap 🙁