A new update was just put out for the game today on the iOS platform. The update appears to be mostly aimed at bug fixes and performance tweaks, which is a welcome addition considering how many emails we get with people having bugs throughout the game world. Those with iPhone 4S or Ipad 2’s will be pleased to know that they are getting visual improvements in the form of longer draw distance, more models displayed in the same time/place, and bloom & lens flare added. On the quest side it looks like we are finally getting some quests in the Swamp of  Wyrms and Whispering Islands to help with that terribly slow 35-45 leveling period. Full patch notes below. How are you liking the new update? Let us know in the comments.

What’s new in Version 1.0.8
Get ready for new quests, boosters, visuals improvements & more.

New Content:
• New quests (to ease leveling up in Swamp of Wyrms & Whispering Islands)
• The orc icon without snow is back!
• Visual improvements for iPhone 4S & iPad 2 (longer draw distances, more models displayed in the same time/place, bloom & lens flare added)
• Game-server work to ensure durable online stability
• New boosters
• Store layout readjustment
• Server code optimizations
• Minor bug fixes

  • Jcheckin

    Wheres the Android update. No one cares about iSheep.

  • Mindprison

    Only visual improvements on iOS? What about Android? Lame -.-

  • blehimaguest

    whats the file size of this update? doesnt make sense… i have 1.2 gig available storage but it says i dont have enough room to make this update!

  • Liron

    Still broken quest… “Home again..”

  • isheep

    @5c562f896907db8606e2453c45d6022b:disqus  Ha ha ha. Funny coming from the guy with the phone that gets no updates on a platform that makes updates a lot easier to provide. Sucks to know they would rather go through the hoops of updating something no one cares about rather than the Android OS. OUCH!!

    • Jcheckin

       iSheep devices HAVE to get updates because they can only implement so much at a time for your simple minded devices. To be honest, the only reason I want this update is to ease the leveling from 35-45. Howd you like the server crash? We dont have such issues. Our phones/tablets can actually handle the game on a realistic sized screen because we have MUCH better hardware and a better all around OS. 😉 Nice try kiddie. Troll elsewhere.

  • George

    Great new update…but you guys still haven’t gotten the game to work for the Droid Razr.. Thanks!

  • Matteo0593


  • updatesux

    i cannot believe you that the new update allows players to buy essence of death, essence of swamp, and eristart essence at the shop. This was how the game divided experienced players with players who just purchase everything and have no clue how to do the dungeons etc!!!! Take this out NOW! or there will be no more distinction and people will become very agitated by the amount of noobs who are wearing good gear but cant do anything!!!

  • OACPlayer

    The new quests are dope.

  • Lef

    so soryy u first upgread team 8 .but ı havent team dungeons .. you will strong boos havent any team just 4 ı left game

  • Lef

    you first update. team bigest just team join 4… ıf ranger not find team for dungeons.. you will strong dungeons. you will be team 8… :S just dungeons mage wariior monk mage as like

    • Ksiegs

       Is this English?

  • Balls

    Still no compatibility with acer iconia a100 tegra2.  Yet you put the game out for the Kindle Fire…..

  • Young_Taco

    we want new classes a summoner class or a hunter class

  • Georgios

    We need mounts in this game and we know that you can fix it people. Otherwise one of the best mmorpg of all times.

  • Marcelo Olandim

    It is not working more in my htc sensation. When the game begging, it crash and I am sent back to the hct home menu

    • Until

      I have the same problem, and i use HTC Evo 3D.

  • Tricktrick

    I just bought Asus Transformer Prime couple weeks back, I assume that it is NOT possible to get it on this platform? :/ I’d really LOVE to play it on my asus. Please, get it there !

  • Bloodsord9

    complaint 1: update was launched ok. Good. But for android this is 2nd FULL day I can’t log in. Everytime I select a character it force closes. Been doing that for 2 days!
    Complaint 2: I heard double xp is on… that’s bullshit! Android users get pretty much banned from playing while others are getting double xp… so when the game finaly works on my phone I’ll get nothing. Fair?
    Complaint 3: I heard your selling essence at cash shop… if that is the case I’m uninstalling and as I was recomending the game to everyone I knew in person and online, I’ll be telling them how much of a waste OaC is. There won’t be a point in playing if you can buy everything.

    Oh and there better be compensations when this is working for android again. Double xp or crystals. Don’t care, but there better be one

  • Jony99alexander

    La ultima acutalizacion no funciona bien en mi movil
    no me deja descargar los archivos del juego…….

  • Saladin

    Gameloft has poor customer service and the new update for Android is bugged! I have contacted several times and no reply, Admin. will you kindly get in touch with Gameloft as you might have better chance of reply then me. 
    Its now three days all my guild members having same problems this is the second successive update that is bugged as a paying customer i expect better!

    • Marcelo Olandim

      So do I ! I sent 2 emais already for then and nothing!

  • Matteo0593

    You are a group of clown!!!!! WE WANT A NEW UPDATE FOR ANDROID!!!!!!!

  • Ghideon

    Several days now after new update and still can’t play!!!! Add to that its double XP weekend and its really frustrating. Love this game so far, could really use some tech support right now.

  • Steven Cooper

    I want a refund for the last 5 days as the last update has been completely bugged on Android, game keeps force closing. It was fine previously!

  • Parvudorin

    i have the last update and now 1 character hight lvl no work in desert is lose?i hopso no

  • Nedelle

    Someone know how to temporarily fix this?  Someone theorized that if you were in a guild before the last update, you will be locked out.  So one my guild’s GM managed to disband the guild somehow and after 6 days of not being able to log in, my newly unguilded 60 (prevoiusly guilded before android update snafu) is now playable!  So it has something to do with the character being in a guild pre-update, and probably pre-past-update.  Newly formed guilds I think are okay.  I just wanted to know if someone had info out there on how to disband a guild when the GM I’m sure can’t even log in his/herself…!  Maybe there is some sort of hack…

  • Steven Cooper

    ive contacted support via email (And have gotten a response) and told them i want a refund for the time it takes them to get it sorted. its unacceptable that they should do an update that forces me not to play.

    suggest you guys do the same

  • Danielles

    how do i download the update i cant even log into order & chaos on my kindle fire  can anyone tell me please 

  • Sdsdsd

    ios ftw!

    ps: thanks for the updates on my ipad 2 gameloft! finally…

  • Ffxkevin

    Till now I still have unstable network problem. I haven’t ayed in like 3onths. Still no fix. Devs do not reply numerous email. Truly bad gameloft

  • MEmo Mehdar Mohammed

    how can i download it ????????

  • Ov3rc4s7xxx

    The game is fun but could use some improvments.
    1st, i think there should be 2 more classes for example:Warlock, Shapeshifter, etc.
    2nd, there should be 3 talent classes instead of 2.
    Mage: Shadow
    Warrior: Templar
    Monk: Leech or D.O.T (damage over time)
    Ranger: Subtlety
    3rd, leveling should be easier and there should be a level cap raise. Just for fun. Enjoy:)

  • facts

    If anyone from gameloft actually reads these theyd understand that they either need to a, merge the ios and android servers or b, worry more about android servers, ive seen a total of 3 people in the past couple years that have anything icrap and hundreds of people with android, do the math, nobody likes ishit and gameloft is wasting all of their time supporting only that, and barely making oac work on android.

  • Wiwi

    haha this is so funny to read, how all the android users are complaining.
    this makes my day, i love it.
    been playing this game a bit on my wifes ipad and it is ok. not too good, but ok to kill some time 🙂
    but readig this comments makes my day, i bet ppl from gameloft do the same to have some laugh 😀

    • iPhone homo

      Hahahahaha good one faggot. ;

    • lol

      I’m laughing just reading your comment, its funny how elitist iPhone/pad/pod users are when most of them have never touched an android anything, I’ve had both and android is so much better If I didn’t know any better and someone showed me 1 of each id think iOS was an opsolete version of android from 5 years ago

      • Inja

        It’s just cool to hate anything dominant or successful for you people. Apple and iOS paved the way for all mobile smart devices. Be grateful

  • [email protected]


  • Troy

    Great game just 1 thing… Need druid and summoner class, oh yeah one more thing rangers should be able to tame beasts 🙂

    • Siepoc

      Sounds like you miss playing world of Warcraft…

  • askath

    I also cant play since the new update, i have sony ericsson arc. Please fix this! Its always the same… New update= only problems… Well, it sucks. If new update comes, make sure it works, and not 1 or 2 months later

  • Audrensl

    Please fix crashes for android . Game crash every 3-5mins and in greenmont town it crash all the tine after loading

  • the gamer


  • LGProblem

    Lol i have an LG E510 and it cant support the game….Gameloft should fix that..

  • Ariel

    I’m I the only one here that the game after update crashed on him?

  • Siepoc

    Question…how do I find out what changes they made to each class? For example I couldn’t help but notice when I logged in one of my weapons on my divine monk was in my bag and it won’t let me put it back on! Does this mean we can’t duel weild now? Also ring of healing is slower. Lame

  • Abhuva

    when you have intension to make update for Android?

  • bigcunt65

    how big is the fuckin update cunts?