This guide will inform you on the best spec, in my own opinion, for the Archer spec. Please note that this is what I think is the best, and from what I can tell is the only Archer spec guide. 


Here is the link to the talent tree:Ranger – Archer Spec


Assassin Tree Talent

Discern Weakness (5)

Put five points in here for the 5% increase critical damage. This applies to ALL damage. Both ranged and melee damage.

Escape (1)

This is what I like to call an “Oh shit” button. When you are in trouble press this to GTFO!


Archer Tree Talents

Acute Toxicity (1)

This pretty much explains itself. Poison is good!

Precise Attack (5)

Once again this should explain itself. Being able to hit is good!

Sharp Arrow (5)

Sharp Arrow allows your Rapid Shot to hit harder. Rapid Shot will be the move you will probably use almost always. Auto-Attacking is okay, but to slow at times. I find it better, when killing creatures, to use Rapid Shot. It is uses very low vigor, and therefore very good to use.

Path of Shooter (3)

Path of Shooter increases your ranged damage by 30%, when upgraded all the way. However, it does decrease melee damage by 15%, so if you find yourself not ranging out the creatures (meaning they don’t die before they get to you), then don’t get this right away.

Deadly Aim (3)

Lets increase our critical chance by 3%.

Skillful Shooting

Skillful Shooting increases your Archer skills damage by 20%. Why wouldn’t you take this?

Split Shot (1)

Split Shot allows you to hit an additional target (AoE). It causes 150% weapon damage. To be able to hit multiple creatures at once is very good. 

Barrage (3)

Barrage allows you to hit four additional targets. More AoE!

Strong Vigilance (1)

Increases your vigor by 20 (umm, yes please), and when your vigor is less than 50, any damage cannot reduce your vigor. 

Shooter Stance (1)

Our auto-attacks just became 50% faster. Used to range the creatures.

Overwhelm (5)

Increase our Shooter Stance from five second to ten second. In game play that is a lot of time.

Ranged Weapon (5)

Ranged Weapon increases your ranged attacks by 20%. Now lets combo Shooter Stance, and a passive 20% extra damage. Sounds good to me!

Explosive Shot (1)

Allows you to shoot a fire arrow/bolt at a target for 325 – 450 fire damage. Anything within three meters is also hurt (more AoE).

High Explosive (5)

Our explosive shot now has an increase 38% critical chance. Remember you have an extra 8% from Discren Weakness and Deadly Aim.

Avulsion Shot (1)

This shot instantly hits the target for 50% weapon damage plus 500 bleed damage over ten seconds. On top of that they take an extra 50% bleed damage if they move. Basically shoot them and then keep on moving. Just run and watch them die.

Wounded Infection (3)

Your poison (from Acute Toxicity) now has an aditional 15% to affect a target. This means your can now poison and bleed the target. DoTs!

Snipe (1)

This is what you use whenever it is off cooldown (depending on the situation). Hits the target for 200% weapon damage, hits them for 200 damage, and you have a 25% to score a critical hit. If you crit with this it could one shot a target.


Skills I do not recommend

Pin Feet

I would not take this skill (unless you are doing PvP), because honestly it just wastes an action slot.

Powerful Pin

Look above ^

Urgent Defense

Why are the creatures even hitting you? YOU ARE AN ARCHER!

Paralyzing Toxicity

No reason to take this poison (unless you PvP).

Weighted Arrows

Could be debatable on whether or not to take, but honestly I don’t see this being very useful.

Assassin Tree



That is the end of my guide. Please leave comments if you have any questions.


By: Adax

  • Santoku

    Thanks this has been a big help making a excellent Archer. However I like the basic Pin. it allows me to get one or two swift shots in before a high lv mob gets to me.

  • Wynter

    *Flips Hair* Not bad breh. Maybe make a P V P guide? I think Smoke Bomb Could be worked in and lose some. of the P V E farming skills. * sips iced tea* I agree that pin feet early game out classes sneak. Also some farming input would be nice on behalf of leather crafting. PEACE BREH

  • davidcrickett

    This is so wrong. Pin feet, paralyzing toxicity, etc, take them, no shooter stance, worthless because of the cooldown, and so on and so forth (a lvl 60 archer).

  • {Rooster}

    i agree with davide. pin feet and paralyzing toxicity are the only reason the monsters don’t get to me. should be one of the first actions you do in a fight. this guide is not very good imo

    • Guest

      I wouldn’t say it’s first attack.  First is stunning them in sneak.  THEN you would use those moves.  Other than that I agree.

  • Scott Tucker

    Dude why would you not get pin feet.. Trash shooter stance and spec pin it will save ur life more over

  • Ilie Lucian

    Pin feet wins U a 2 more hits time in PVP vs tank or any other warrior.  Also good for farming at bigger lvl mobs.
     I never used on lvling poison or toxicity…and snipe.  Best is the way u like to play. I changed my talents 3 times to figure out a decent way. It’s simple: if u like ranger use all skills from archer. if u like dagger use all skills from assassin.  Me. I prefer hybrid.  
    —Silence , escape, smoke bomb from assassin (smoke bomb is best in PVP and farming too be cause gets U in shadow and from shadow U have 100% stun…so…no comment here )  — In rest use archer skills.So my opinion hybrid best.

  • MonkeyMaster

    I’m a lvl60 archer.  
    The pin feet skill is bread and butter.  I always apply the p-poison my bow and toxic poison to my swords or axes.  Since they don’t always work (and less so against stronger mobs), they are sort of a bonus.

    I almost always sneak up then stun a mob with rapid shot, while they are stunned, hit them with bleeding.  If you are lucky and the poison takes and they walk slowly (which allows bleeding to do extra damage).  If I don’t get the poison to take or if its a powerful monster then after they snake off the stun I use pin feet which gives time for a number of additional ranged attacks. Explosive arrows are very useful against mages and other ranged mobs.  When they start to charge up an attack you can hit them real quick with the explosive arrows which knocks them down and cancels their attack.Split shot is the one I left down.  Its kind of useful for grinding against much weaker opponents (like grinding though old daily quests quickly), but not so much for pushing though against strong mobs in the main quests.  However which way you do it, rangers are not going to be good tanks.  Even level 60 armor and weapons are comparatively weak when compared to warriors.  Generally you want to take a divide and conquer approach.  There are a couple of quests specifically designed to make that difficult, but they can be done.

    • Guest

      I would put the toxic poison to bow because when u snipe them, you can do a ton of additional damage.

  • Elias

    Currently I’m a lvl 38 ranger archer, i can kill level 43 monsters and mobs before they even scratch me in the great desert.  After changing my talent points 3 times and wasting all my money. I agree that assassin tree is trash ( i think assassins are underpowered, with not enough mana to efficiently use their spells.”
    Pin feet is a life saver and I always use paralyzing toxicity. “shooter stance and overwhelm” is a waste of talent points and will get you confused in battle, skip it and go directly to explosive shot and avulsion shot, and you will reach snipe sooner. Try to grab discern weakness and escape from the assassin tree..” I do miss smoke bomb for pvp and escaping combats”

    • Guest

      I wouldn’t say assassin tree is underpowered.  They are practically the kings of PvP right now.

  • Bullzeye

    I built a an archer that focuses on solo/questing as well as PVP and personally I like Pin feet as a talent choice. However, I didn’t take the secondary Pin feet which increases the duration. The only assassin talent I took was the crit % increase. As you level early on I would focus on hit %, crit %, agil/crit/hit rating/ stamina gear, in that order of importance. My low level spell rotation up to lvl 25 looked like this; rapid shot w/ acute toxicity on bow, pin feet, two rapid shots before mob got to me, shadow strike/ melee attacks w/ acute tox on one blade paralyzing on another, rapid shots. Normally mob would die before they reached me however if they weren’t dead they would die several shots or swings after. Also I would grind NPC’s two or three levels higher than me for xp, but was able to kill REDS/ elites if I needed to. If played right archers are the perfect solo character and can be amazing in PVP as well. Once you fill the talent tree utilize explosive shot and avulsion shot and snipe. I personallly like shooter stance and overwhelm but I can swee where alternate talents could be useful as well. With proper use of pin feet and bleed out techniques the ranger/archer is a deadly/extremely formiddable foe.The most important thing to realize is that everyone is going to have a different playing style and enjoy doing different things within the game. So tailor your character to meet your needs and playing style. Most of us will alter our toons anyway when dungeons come out because aoe’s and defense will probably become more necessary if bosses in dungeons have aoes and there are different strats tokill and complete dungeons. Some bosses may have to be paralyzed or pinned in order to beat them. As this game progresses and new patches are added you will see changeds made to characters and skills and abilities anyway. So like I said for now make your character to how you see fit and enjoy as this is just a game that we should have fun with. The last bit of advice I have is as follows…  max out leather craft as it is vital. All toons should buy all bag slots as well and save all crafting mats and sell to other players or use for your own profession. Selling cloth, metals, furs etc will allow you to afford everything you want as gold is not difficult to earn. Also as a ranger who constantly grinds high level mobs it is vital to keep lots of potions and food on you at all times to minimize downtime and maximize xp and quests completed. Hope this is helpful to all and if any of you are on the Mac-Arcadian Server feel free to message me! :)

    Bullzeye…member of ” =DEMISE= ”
    Ranger- Archer Extroidanaire Spec
    Mac-Arcadian Server
    l   ————————————–
    l   / ————————————– /
    l  /                                       /

    • Winnson Smith

      Thanks so much for this addition. I know you’ll probably never see this since your post was 3 years ago, but this and the guide is really helpful for this noob.

  • René de Groot

    Thanks for the guide! I would consider pin feet and paralyzing toxicity as stated by others. At level 21 most mobs die before they can get to you that way. My battles go like this: sneak, rapid shot (for stun), again rapid shot, pin feet, rapid shot until mob dies. Acute Toxicity on daggers and Paralyzing Toxicity on the bow. I’m not that experienced, so don’t take my word for it, but it has worked so far :) To me ranger is about evade/avoid damage while dishing out a ton, hence the setup.

  • Hey You

    You need pin feet If you solo.

  • ShadowFire

    Ok… I’m not the best ranger, but I am experienced enough with the game. This is a good dungeon build, for dps archers. In a dungeon pin feet is useless, as is paralyzingly toxicity. Shooter stance would be good for bosses, just unloading volleys of arrow onto them. Weighted arrows is good for large groups, because of split shot.

  • Zarathon

    Archers are the best but also focus on pin feet because this will help you with strong bosses like Aventhal or Burtga

  • Teophne

    Adax, have you actually played the game at 60 or just reached the level?
    Sure your guide is a bit old’ish when it comes to the soul quests that involve killing a rather powerful enemies. If you team up a lot then your spec for them might be good.

    As for a soloer like me I prefer Pin Feet and its upgrades because if my enemy stands still it can’t hurt me. Also I chose Paralyzing Toxicity over the other poison just to cope with the really big badasses. Sure the extra DPS wouldn’t hurt, but being able to more effectively kite mobs will give me better soloing power. Same goes for Wighted Arrows. Extra stun means less hits to me and/or my buddies. Can’t be relied on due to 15% chance but still worth it.

    Shooter Stance and its upgrades, I really don’t have time to sit still and do auto attacks, especially when it uses up precious energy.

    Split Shot and upgrades, a nice skill, but I just didn’t have enough points for it. I just need to pull carefully and do 1 on 1 fights instead (explosive I don’t use as DPS, just as a stun).

    Usually in optimal situations I start my fights hidden from max range. I open up with a Rapid Shot for the stun, followed up by Snipe, another Rapid Shot, Avulsion Shot, Pin Feet, Rapid Shot, Explosive Shot, Rapid Shot spam (or kite and Pin Feet for extra Rapid Shots if not dead)

    If I was forced to start a fight in less than maximum range I don’t shoot extra Rapid Shots after the initial stun to keep my enemies at bay. Instead of that I position myself away from the enemy.

    Other than those my current build is similar to yours, except for some talents that got changed later, but for those my talent points still lie in the same place whatever skill they were replaced with (just recently came back after a long pause so I can’t remember what got changed).

  • Stealthed

    i use pin feet every time i fight especially at the lower levels why wouldnt you want an extra stun?

  • jenojack

    hi guys whats the best skills for me im lvl 34 ranger my names jenojack on o&c add me and plzz tell me thanks

  • Anthony Zubricki

    Hey should i put talents towards path of shooter? If so how many talents should i put for it?

  • Anonymous03

    Shooter stance is fairly useful, especially when it comes to dungeons. Paralyzing toxicity has saved me a bunch of times when doing shadows, but I respecced and opted to not get it (Escape is much more useful in terms of transportation and survival.) Pin feet is always a nice skill to have.

  • Assholechatter

    Dude this is not right ==’

  • JUGG

    This is lame. -1

  • cute lix

    Omg.. totally wrong.. it must have a pin feet with split shot.. explode .. it will triiger explotion, and cause critical damge and fire damge.. it is to important,, dont get anything in assassins tree , only crit.. your might be useful too.

    Pure DPS not focus on farming .. it focus on one subject to be died very quickly..

    Do the pvp build. Its good on farming too.

  • Archer

    I’m a t level 20 and still have only rank 1 in most of my archer spells. I go to get a spellbooks upgrade and there’s nothing there, help me out if you can thanks