We finally have a real working talent calculator for Order and Chaos thanks to Butt3rs over on the official forums. This has been the largest missing feature on any of the O and C resources so far and is way better then the one we had been creating for our use. Again all credit goes to Butt3rs and all those that contributed to this terrific and useful tool. http://orderandchaos.butt3rs.com/

  • Gonzo Oin

    Nice work guys !

  • Anonymous

    Checkout another one at http://oacdb.com/tools/build

    • Cbnbw1

      The talent descriptions for the oacdb talent calculator appear to have been pulled straight from the butt3rs one. You’ll notice the same small errors in descriptions have been copied over. In the butt3rs thread on the official forums http://onlinegames-forum.gameloft.com/index.php?topic=10978.0 updates are being made multiple times daily to fix small bugs like the ones you mentioned.

      Reply to the tread there, or send an email to the address on the butt3rs page and im sure the bugs will be fixed.

      I tried the butt3rs one on my iPad and it works well. Only trouble is you cant remove points without right click on the touch screen.

      • http://www.facebook.com/rountree Joshua Rountree

        Yeah, I’m sure it’ll get updated as things move forward.

    • Godofwar20091

      Please help me i have account lvl 44 i want complet off i open my pleayer sy disconnected from network?

      Or i need un update ? What update ? so what day will be open game ?

      Please help me now please

  • nanjero

    it would help alot if you could also add how much mp is used for the skills