Very extensive guide to the talent mage talent trees in Order and Chaos Online.

Skyfire Talent Tree

Tier One:

Shock wave – required points in Skyfire: 0, prerequisite: None

Recommendation: 10

This is one of our most reliable AOE spell, can be learned at level 5, instant casting, 2sec cooldown with maxed Burnout. Definitely a must have while leveling, since there are always situations when you have to deal with multiple mobs or running out of spells to finish a mob. Only draw back of this spell is its cost to damage ratio is pretty high, which means if you spam it, you will run out of mana very fast. So, use it only when you have to.

Improved fireball – required points: 0, prerequisite: None

Recommendation: 6

Fireball is our bread and butter spell, however, due to the low critical damage ratio, these points can be better spent in many other places. Get this only when you have at least 5% critic chance without talent. In end game pvp, at this time period, mages will not have such long time to spam fireballs, you will get killed very fast if you stand still casting spells) You will probably cast only 1 or 2 fireballs in a dual, if you have confidence in your critics, max this out, very nice added burst damage.

Blast Flame – required points: 0, prerequisite: None

Recommendation: 10

No doubt

Tier Two: required points in Skyfire tree: 5

Burnout – prerequisite: Shock wave 1/1

Recommendation: 10

If you learned shock wave, max this out. All our aoe spells have very cd, or unreliable (Fire Barrage), which makes shock wave the an outstanding aoe spell comparing with others. You will need this once in a while.

Cyclone – prerequisite: None

Recommendation: 10

Best single target spell, high burst damage (with Elemental Release), instant cast, Toss effect, what more can we ask for?

Fireflow – prerequisite: None

Recommendation: 7

Max this up if you have points.  Its importance comes after all damage spells.

Tier Three: required points in Skyfire tree: 15

Elemental Mastery – prerequisite: None

Recommendation: 0

I’m not sure what’s the formula behind this. But if it only increase a percentage of your spell  power, it’s not worth getting. You will have maximum 200 spell power, 5% means 40 damage. On top of that, as fire mage, we consider spell critical chance over spell power. Enough said.

Elemental Release – prerequisite: Cyclone 1/1

Recommendation: 10

As said previously, with this buff, Cyclone becomes one of our most powerful and reliable single target damage spells.

Fire Barrage – prerequisite: None

Recommendation: 10

As Cyclone being our best single target spell, Fire Barrage is our best multi-target damage spell, with maxed Flame Charge, its cooldown refreshes every time your spell crits. A Must have spell for grinding, with some luck you can spam this spell none stop. Its cost to damage ratio is very low, which makes clearing a group of monsters with no cost , and it has pushdown effect, makes you grinding safe!!!. However, it’s highly depending on your spell critical, so make sure you have shock wave as a back up plan~

Also a very powerful in pvp since it can be refreshed by Cyclone (with Elemental Release). It can be casted twice within very short time.

Tier Four:  required points in Skyfire tree: 20

Lightning bolt – prerequisite: None

Recommendation: 3

Does not have any correlation with other talent in this tree, unless you max Chain Lightning as well. Relatively long casting time. Haven’t seen any use of it for now.. it can be a good spell with Chain Lightning. Doing AOE damage while keeping a safe distance away from the mobs. But for now, it’s not worth it.

Chain Lightning – prerequisite: Lightning Bolt 1/1

Recommendation: 3

See above

Flame Charge – prerequisite: Fire Barrage

Recommendation: 10

See in Fire Barrage

Tier Five:  required points in Skyfire tree: 25

Wind Walker – prerequisite: None

Recommendation: 9

This spell is extremely helpful while questing lol.. and pvp for getting distance with your target. Just 1 point, multiple ways of using it:)

Flaming Spirit – prerequisite: Flaming Phantom: 3/3

Recommendation: 9

Very helpful talent too, save your sitting time while leveling, also increase your chance of winning duals. Believe me, you will eventually run out of mana when fighting with guardian warriors.

Flaming Phantom – prerequisite: None

Recommendation: 5

9% critical chance +9% spell damage at full stack, looks nice, but wait, this effect can only be trigger by fireballs and lasts for 10 secs. However, as the prerequisite of Flaming Spirit, I’d suggest to max it up.

Tier Six:  required points in Skyfire tree: 30

Magic Wind Flow – prerequisite: Wind Walk

Recommendation: 4

Only useful while running on the map. 3 points, can be spent somewhere else.

Flame Storm – prerequisite: None

Recommendation: 7

Very powerful skill, extremely low cost to damage ratio, but very hard to cast.

Skyfire – prerequisite: Flaming Spirit 5/5, Flame Storm: 1/1

Recommendation: 7

If you investigated in Flame Storm, take this on the way. Adding a 30% 2sec disable to the hard-to-cast Flame Storm.

Tier Seven:  required points in Skyfire tree: 35

Lightning Fall – prerequisite: None

Recommendation: 10

Total game changer for pvp, only stun we have, and since our main damage spells require close distance: Cyclone, Fire Barrage, Lightning Fall takes a very important place in our burst routine.

Flamming Mind – prerequisite: None

Recommendation: 10

This is the main reason why we take spell critical chance over spell power:) 25% chance of making your next spell instant cast after critical. Instant casting Elemental Finishing ~~

Tier Eight:  required points in Skyfire tree: 40

Elemental Finishing – prerequisite: Skyfire 3/3

Recommendation: 6

Most powerful single target damage spell in game~~ 1400 damage at rank 3, crits for 2200!!!

However, 5sec casting time, 20sec cooldown, not to mention the cost is twice as much as fireball, and tons of useless prerequisite talents

Does it worth spending 13 points just to get this spell, its up to each player. If you have a very high chance of triggering the Flaming Mind effect, I’d strongly recommend this spell, but so far, I haven’t had many chance of using it in a dual.

Permafrost Talent Tree

Tier 1:

Improved Frostbolt

15% chance to freeze target for 3sec

Shield Energy

30% more damage absorbed by shield spell. (At maximum level your shield absorbs 90% damage, breaks after absorbing 950 damage.

Frost Blast

70% slow for 8 sec. Note: This slow effect will not trigger Cyclone’s Elemental Release.

Tier 2:

Chill Brain

5% hit chance. Each point increase your spell hit chance by 10 at level 60.

Winter Sleep

10 sec disable, breaks if receiving any damage. Give the fact that this spell takes 3 sec to cast, it’s not very useful both in PvP and PvE.

Ice Burst

Your Frost Blast has 60% chance to freeze target for 3sec. When the effect triggers, it’s a nightmare for your enemy.

Tier 3:


5% Total wisdom. Considering you will get maximum 300 wisdom at 60 (I have only 236), 5% means 15, not very viable.

Deep Sleep:

Extend your winter sleep duration for another 3 sec.

Rock Piercing:

Long distance knockdown spell, regular damage, nice to have. As pointed out by Rychek, at level 1, your Rock Piercing has only 5 sec cd, once your level it up, the cooldown changes to 15 sec. I don’t know if this is a bug or something, but you have to choose between a low cd knockdown and a long cd nuke.

Tier 4:

Water Prison:

640 damage during 8 secs, and 8 sec silence, 0.5 sec cast time. Can be used just for the damage, but also deadly against casters.

Earth Integrate:

Increase your stamina by 5%. I have 131 stamina ATM, which means 7points of increase at maximum level. It’s your choice.

Sharp Rock:

Increase Rock Piercing’s damage by 50% against frozen or stunned target as well as 15% more critical chance. If you decide to use Rock Piercing as a nuke, meaning giving up the low cool down, put your points here.

Tier 5:


Increase the effect time of Water Prison by 4 sec. Nice enhancement, longer silence and more damage.

Piercingly Cold:

Increase your frost spell damage for 5%.

Stone Armor:

8000 armor for 20sec at maximum level, with a 45 sec cooldown.

Tier 6:


Cost 450mp, deals 200 damage every 2 sec for 20sec accompanied with a 70% slow. This is what makes people fear. 45 sec cooldown.

Frost walker:

Reduce the cooldown of Permafrost to 30sec.

Stone Spike:

Reflects 100% melee damage to the attacker in the duration of stone armor. Watch warriors kill

Tier 7:

Gift of Earth:

Increase your mana regeneration by 10%.

Wrath of Frost:

Increase the critical chance of your frost spells by 5%

Frozen Mind:

Instantly all the frost spell cooldown. 2sec cd. It has to be noted that this spell is still effected by the global cooldown of your frost spells, Which means if you want to cast this spell after another frost spell, you have to wait for 1sec, similarly after this spell you have to wait for another second to be able to cast other frost spells.

Tier 8:

Ice Meteor:

Costs 800mp at highest level, deals 1000-1100 frost damage, 3 sec casting time, 50% slow for 5sec and 20sec cooldown. Giving the fact that this spell does aoe damage, this is even more powerful than Elemental Finishing… lol we suppose fire should do more damage..

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