1. Order & Chaos Online – Vigils

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    A few days ago, we talked about how vigils make Tanks OP. Basically, they make everyone OP. A lot of players are unhappy with them, and for several good reasons. The first and main reason is, well, because they make everything to strong. But we are going to make a small list here of the reasons we think players really...
  2. Heroes of Order & Chaos – Hero half price fake sale

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    Scams in these kinds of games like Heroes of Order & Chaos are not uncommon unfortunately. They aren’t pleasant for anyone, not the players, and we don’t see how it would be pleasant for the scammers. In some weird way, they might like it, but we don’t see how. Recently, we heard that some players are complaining that they received...
  3. Order & Chaos Online – Are tanks really OP?

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    Recently, a lot of players said that the tanks in the game are way too much OP. They say that they basically can’t die, and that they are generally really, really overpowered. Now we think that those players are dead wrong. First of all, tanks are underpowered if anything. They really need to be buffed, and that’s true. A lot...
  4. Order & Chaos Online – Why is my account hacked?

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    Getting your account hacked is not a very uncommon thing, unfortunately. And it is not pleasant at all, it really gets people angry and frustrated. We’ve come to know that there a few main reasons people get their accounts hacked. We will list a few of them here for you to read and try to avoid them as much as...

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