1. Heroes of Order & Chaos news

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    Among other news, Heroes of Order & Chaos has introduced a new skin for the hero Aria. The Harlequin skin looks pretty awesome. And if you are curious about how the skin looks in the game of Heroes of Order & Chaos, there’s some good news. HOC MYFITEGRE has made a gameplay on YouTube about the news skin for Aria,...
  2. Heroes of Order & Chaos – Poking

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    It’s been a while since we have written a guide for Heroes of Order & Chaos. We’re going to discuss something that is quite commonly used, but actually not done properly a lot, which can cause some problems in the game, which can ultimately lead to a loss. Let’s talk about poking in Heroes of Order & Chaos. In Heroes...
  3. Heroes of Order & Chaos big update is coming

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    If you didn’t hear about this in a forum or any other place that talks about Heroes of Order & Chaos extensively, you’re going to hear it from us now. Yes, Heroes of Order & Chaos is preparing an update that will come in the following period. If you did hear about it, you probably did a pretty long time...

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