1. Heroes of Order & Chaos – Cubecraft contest

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    A cute little contest has been prepared for you all the players of Heroes of Order & Chaos to participate in. It’s pretty awesome, so read on to find out more about this cool, sweet little contest. It’s a cubecraft contest! You don’t really know what that is? Actually, it is really, really simple. You take a cardboard that has...
  2. Heroes of Order & Chaos – More on the update

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    A few days ago the update for Heroes of Order & Chaos was released, and as always, we asked about your opinion. It is important to know what the players of a game think about that game. And the reaction wasn’t small, a lot of players have responded on how they like the update, what they like about it and...
  3. Heroes of Order & Chaos – Update news

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    It is not really news that Heroes of Order & Chaos was updated a period ago, but it is a fact that is was a really big update. The update is not called huge for nothing, as many new things came that changed the game drastically. Probably the biggest change, the addition of the Ban & Pick phase. You don’t...

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