1. Order & Chaos Online – Giveaway reminder

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    Just a little reminder for those who have read it, and a note for those who haven’t, the Nokia Lumia Order & Chaos Online giveaway is still going strong. The owners of these Nokia Lumia models (Nokia Lumia 625, 1020, 1320, Icon, and 1520) can now download Order & Chaos Online for free. But, beware because nobody outside of Nokia...
  2. Order & Chaos Online – Nokia Lumia Giveaway

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    A cool giveaway is now underway. And it’s from none other than from Nokia itself. The mobile phone giant has organized this giveaway, but only for the owners of certain Nokia phones. If you don’t have those phones you won’t be able to participate in the giveaway. Basically it goes like this. All the owners of certain Nokia Lumia models...

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