1. Heroes of Order & Chaos – Redtrophi spotlight

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    Princess Redtrophi suddenly became a queen, after her mother died. She was tragically killed by the demon Kirasath. She became the leader of the land, and she was fierce one. She guided her clan into the middle of the Great Desert, to rebuild and regroup. Her goal was to make the Redtrophi clan powerful once again. She wanted it to...
  2. Order & Chaos Online – maintenance notice

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    Today, on Tuesday, the 14th of April, the weekly maintenance will occur and the Easter Egg Hunt will close, and theĀ  TiveF’s Secret Amusement Park will open. Players of Order & Chaos Online who use Android will get an update after the maintenance. The update will be a technical upgrade, and will relate to the users who use Facebook to...
  3. Order & Chaos Online – Lava-Feather Fire Bowl

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    Have you ever wondered how to get the Lava-Feather Fire Bow in Order & Chaos Online? Well, today you are going to find out how if you didn’t know it before and you were looking for an answer. It’s really not difficult, nor complicated, all you have to do is follow a few simple guidelines and in no time you...
  4. Order & Chaos Online – Crafting Q&A

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    Crafting is a very important part of Order & Chaos Online. So, naturally players ask a lot of questions about it. They ask, and their questions get answered. You can read the questions and answers down below so you can learn more about crafting in Order & Chaos Online with a little Q&A. What crafting professions are there? Currently, there...

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