1. Order & Chaos Online – Lvl 80 weapons

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    Since the update has been released a few days ago, a lot of players have been talking about it and suggesting some cool things. One of the things that was suggested a few times, and that caught our eye is the following. Some players were suggesting introducing some way to get lvl 70 gear to lvl 80 gear after the...
  2. Order & Chaos Online – Update 23 Q&A

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    Update 23 was released in the recent period for Order & Chaos Online, and players have been asking a lot of questions. Some of those questions are: 1. What are the bosses in the Spring Festival? There’s a big boss, Nian, and there is a Big Dumpling in Mist Trader Base Camp. You can use special firecrackers to chase Nian...
  3. iPhone and iPad New version! Rising Flare: Burn Out the Night

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    A few days ago we got another Order & Chaos Online update from Gameloft. In that¬†update a new dungeon was introduced: “Rising Flare: Burn Out the Night”. Also, there is the¬†Annemone, a new boss enemy, who can award players with a fragment of Khalin’s Hammer. With a free spin each day on the wheel of fortune, players can win epic...

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